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Cheapest Airtel Tariff Plans and Migration Codes- Latest


Airtel tariff plans is for calls which vary based on its features and your preferences. Calls are way more cost effective than before, you can now make a minute call for as low as N6.00. Besides, you see all the tariff plans and you can be sure to choose the best and cheapest plan for calling your friends and families.

Benefits of Airtel Tariff plans for calls are as follows

  • Free Midnight Calls.
  • Free data bonus on recharge.
  • Relatively cheap calls (local and international)

This post will be direct and show details of the tariff plans and the subscription codes needed to migrate and enjoy such benefits they possess.

All Airtel Migration Codes

Furthermore, the table is simply to show all Airtel tariff plans and migration codes at a glance.

Airtel Tariff Plans and Migration Codes (Summary)

Smart PREMIER11 kobo/sec*318#
Smart TRYBE11 kobo/sec*312#
Smart TALK11 kobo/sec*315#
Smart TRYBE JUNIOR40 kobo/sec*317#
Smart CONNECT60 kobo/secNew Airtel SIM
Smart VALUE15 kobo/sec*314#
Value Plan11 kobo/sec*243#

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Cheapest Airtel Call Tariff Plans and Migration Codes

To say less and hit the nail on the head. You get to see benefits of choosing a tariff plan and the codes to migrate to it so you can unlock and enjoy its benefits

1. Airtel SmartPremier

The flexibility of a network provider to meet the needs of her customers per time, lies basically on the tariff plan options they leave their customers with, be it more of voice call and less of data or more of data and less of voice call and even more of voice call and data.


This flexibility gives Airtel users a good ground to chose from the wide range of tariff plan Airtel offers depending on what the customer want per time. Airtel smartpremier is the tariff plan you must know about.

Benefits of Airtel Smart Premier Tariff Plan

  • All calls to all networks in Nigeria are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.
  • Data Bonuses ranging from 5M for 100Naira recharge, 15MB for N200 to N498 recharge, 50MB for N500 to N988 recharge, and 150MB for 1000 Naira plus recharge.
  • You get to make calls at 11k/s to selected top 5 countries namely: UK (fixed lines), US, Canada, India, and China after 40k/s first 60 seconds charge for the day.
  • SMS is 4 Naira for local numbers and 15 Naira for international numbers.

Subscribers also get free incoming calls when roaming in the following 5 destinations: South Africa, UK, US, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

How to Migrate To SMARTPREMIER

  • Just dial *318# or send YES to 318.

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2. Airtel SmartTalk

Airtel smartTALK 2.0 is Airtel’s special tariff plan that allows you enjoy a FLAT rate of 11k per sec for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks at a daily access fee of N5. You can easily migrate out / opt-out by migrating to another tariff plan.


Airtel Smart Talk allows you to make international calls at 20k per second to the USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline.

How To Migrate To SMARTTALK

  • Just dial *315# or send YES to 315.

3. Airtel SmartTrybe

The Airtel smartTRYBE is a package that enables you to enjoy best data package, calls rate to all networks, and even night browsing for watching and downloading of movies, series, and music.

Also it has been gathered that Airtel SmartTRYBE is everyone’s favorite package due to the benefits it comes with. Airtel Smart TRYBE is surely the most used and liked Airtel tariff plan in Nigeria.

Benefits of Airtel SmartTrybe Tariff Plan

  • Enjoy 11k/sec for Trybe Calls also get free access to WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and BBM. Up to 60MB free monthly data (i.e. a maximum of 15MB/week upon recharge of N200 weekly) Pay for 2 SMS, get 5 free.
  • Free 15 MB every week
  • Night Browsing for as low as 25 Naira for 500MB and 200 Naira for 1.5 GB from the hours of 12 am to 5 am
  • Calls rate is same to all networks at N6.6k/ minute

NB: The night Browsing is only open to customers who are on the Airtel smartTRYBE tariff plan.

How To Migrate To SMARTTRYBE

  • Just dial *312# or send YES to 312.  For campus offer dial *312*1# or send CAMPUS to 312.

4. Airtel SmartTrybe Junior


Your first min call will be charged at the rate of 40k/sec. Calls to all networks will be charged at 20k/sec. Calls to 5 International  (US, Canada, UK fixed line, india and china) will be charged at the rate of 30k/sec and Local SMS rates is N2/SMS.

Benefits of Airtel SmartTrybe Junior;

  • Free calls & SMS to Mum & Dad from kid’s LINE,
  • 10% bonus of airtime transferred to kid’s line when the parents recharge,
  • 100% bonus on data purchases from 200MB and above to browse and much more.
  • NERDC approved courses presented in formats that make learning fun for kids.

The first-minute call on Airtel SmartTrybe Junior is charged @ 1st min – 40k/sec. Subsequent call rates are 11k/seconds to Parents, Family & Friends (FnF) Calls rates and 20k/seconds to all networks in Nigeria.


  • Just dial *317# or send YES to 317

5. Airtel SmartConnect

Airtel smartCONNECT 5.0! The new Plan enhanced and equipped with the full quality on how to make calls more cheaper and there is something more serious and amazing about this Airtel smartCONNECT 5.0! That is you gain 8times the value of what you recharge.

Benefits od Airtel Smartconnect

  • 200% bonus on all recharges of ₦200 and above.
  • 15MB weekly free data on recharges from N200,
  • ₦300 weekly Family and friends bonus on recharges of N200 and above.
  • 7 Hours of Airtel Night Call between 11 pm and 6 am at 11k/sec.


  • This product is available to all new prepaid Airtel Customers. Just buy and activate a new prepaid Airtel SIM.

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6. Airtel SmartVALUE

Airtel smartvalue is a tariff plan for calls that does not charge for the first minute or require a daily access fee for you to unlock its benefits.

Call rates are at 15k/sec flat rate to all networks from the very 1st second (no access fee).”

However, it suffices to say that the Airtel smartVALUE allows both new and old users to subscribe easily, and they will be able to call any other networks (MTN, GLO, 9mobile), and even Airtel-Airtel numbers at 15k/sec.

Benefits of Airtel Smart Value:

  • Call all networks in Nigeria at 15kobo per second (from the very 1st second) no daily access fee.
  • Make international calls at 20kobo per second to USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline.
  • It is available to new and existing customers on the Airtel network
  • Local SMS charged at N4 per SMS.

How to migrate to Airtel SmartVALUE

  • Simply dial *314#

NOTE “Migration to this tariff plan is free of charge, so you can migrate from your previous tariff plans for free!”

7. Airtel Value Plan

The Airtel Value Plan was introduced in 2017. This plan allows you to enjoy amazing call rates at a very low cost. You can call all network in Nigeria for 11k/sec ( N6.6k / minute). This plan does not require you to pay for any first-minute access charge. The requirement for this plan is to Migrate to Airtel value plan and enjoy cheap calls rates on the Airtel network.

How to migrate to Airtel Value Plan

  • To activate, simply dial *243#.
  • You will get a message welcoming you to the new Airtel value plan with 11k/sec call rates.

To wrap it up:

I trust that this post has enlightened you and made you know the various tariff plans to make calls at cheapest rates without calling customer care and wasting time thereby saving you battery life for other use, You can easily make your choice, select and migrate all at one ease from your comfort zone.

Would love comments on this post if you have tested or currently using a particular Airtel tariff plan or bundle, kindly share in the comment section below. Please like and share this post.

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