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Airtel Free Data Bonus Offers Codes

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We have been talking about Airtel free browsing in recent times now. This codes below are guaranteed as of time of this post working and trending. Kindly try and leave a comment.

Get Airtel 1Gb free data

Airtel has loads of ways to treat their customers and since data is needed in the ever growing world of technology and information we dwell in. Data is desired by all especially the youths who love to stream videos, download music/videos, research and do other online stuffs.

You will notice that the demand for data can not be exhausted and as such this post will show you some of the ways you can get free datat bonus from Airtel if you are their subscriber.

How to get free Data bonus using codes

  1. *141*13*200# – which gives you 200MB worth of data.
  2. *141*13*100# – which gives you 100MB Bonus.
  3. *141*13*50# –   you get 50MB offer.
  4. *141*13*1#  – 1MB free data for you.

This codes listed above when dialed, you can get up to 500MB worth of data when performed repeatedly. Can be done up to at most 2times.
Note: Works only on selected airtel sim cards

How to check Airtel Bonus Balance

Checking all your data balance is now easy on the airtel network, Simply dial *140# and you’ll get a message containing all your available airtel data balance.

If you tried this, kindly share your experience with us and so others can know how it worked for you.

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