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Ways to remove privacy protection password screen lock (anti-theft) with Video


Privacy protection password screen lock or anti theft is a feature that was designed to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access  to use a device without the required pin. You must understand that this security feature takes effect if it was enabled.

This is a built-in security feature added to most Android devices. Such devices included Huawei, Samsung, Infinix, etc. Based on demand and those contacting me, i had to update this post and wish you can leave a comment when this post is helpful to you, this will encourage me and thanks ahead.

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To use GSM Alladin to remove privacy protection on your laptop (PC). Click here to download. Scroll down below to use any of the methods below.

  • Clear Privacy Protection Password Using Miracle Box
  • How to Remove Privacy Using GSM Aladdin Method

Video to show how to remove privacy from your laptop

Once this feature has been enabled, you will notice the above kind of display on your phone screen, “Please enter the privacy protection password”, unfortunately, there are limited options you have to bypass this screen.

Most times, when you get this kind of display on your screen, it means that the SIM card that was originally in the device was set up with a mobile anti-theft password. This usually occurs if a new SIM card has been inserted into your device.

Solution When You See the Privacy Protection Password on You Screen

When faced with such a mayhem, I want to show you few ways to manually reset and bypass the privacy protection by following one of the methods below. Remember, continue trying each method if one of them doesn’t work for you until you find one that does.

1. Using Default Password Combinations

This problem can be manually overridden by the use of any of these codes. 0000, 123456, 1234 or 000000 12345678, when asked to enter the password at the privacy protection screen. This code has been used by me on some phones that showed this problem.

For infinix, the default code has been 123456So, try out any of this codes for your device until you get the one for your device.

Try the following codes to see which works for you. but see steps below on how to send using sms with the registered phone number used.

#mima#, # password# , #deletedata# , #lock#,

Emergency Contact Solution

privacy anti-lock

The emergency contact addition to the anti-theft setting is to help remove this when such issue comes up. This involves setting up the privacy protection anti-theft security by adding a trusted administrator as an emergency contacts phone number.

This emergency contact gets your protection number by sending a request to your phone. They will received a text message to confirm they had been added but they would also get one anytime a new SIM card was inserted into the device.

This user will also be able to send requests to the device which can allow you to get your protection number. This i did with my dad’s phone number.

In a situation where there is a change of sim or the device is stolen or any mayham happens, The registered mobile number you added as a trusted administrator(Emergency contact) in anti-theft settings during the privacy protection password setup process, should receive a text message whenever there is a change of any sort on your mobile device.

privacy removal lock

By replying the message with # password# or #mima#  within few seconds, you get a message containing your pin and with this pin entered in to your phone would unlock the phone.

Emergency contacts are used to send remote control commands.
When SIM cards are changed, notifications will be sent to emergency contact via SMS

Privacy protection password Remote commands

The Emergency contact involves sending out text with the following use either #password# or #mima#

This  fetch the anti-theft PIN and be able to get past the privacy protection password screen.

1. Remote phone lock send message #suoding#
2. Remote data wipe Send message #xiaohui#
3. fetch back anti-theft PIN  Send message #mima# or #password#
4. New Remote unlock command #unlock#

How to remove anti-theft password in Micromax Unite 2?

For these users, use this code #resetpin# from the phone number that you had got connected with the mobile’s anti-theft feature to the new SIM in the Micromax mobile.

How to reset Privacy protection password of Android G5 president smart 2?

From AVG: If the privacy protection pin is through AVG, click the Forgot Password option and a new pin will be sent to whatever email is associated with the AVG account. Another way is to use AVG Mobilation

1, Go to AVG mobilation and select log in with my AVG Account or Google Account.

2. Select the Unlock Tab and then click on the unlock button.

3. Wait for your device to pair with the settings and your phone will unlock.

4. Change the pin while in or disable the Device Lock and Device Administrator options in the Anti-Theft settings in AVG AntiVirus on your phone.

2. Have the Original SIM Card? Turn Off Anti-Theft Services

If your phone is locked and you see please enter your privacy protection password screen, it is possible that you can remove this screen lock display by putting the original SIM card for the device in question. If you do, you won’t have to follow the methods above or the next option below to bypass the privacy protection password lock screen. Follow thses guides

  • If you know the password you used, enter it now, if not;
  • Put on your phone.
  • Open the “Settings” app to get to your device’s settings screen.
  • Look for “Mobile Anti-Theft” or “Anti-Theft Services” .Click the check mark off or the switch from “On” to “Off”

    .There might be slight varying differences on the set up of the screen depending on your device.

  • Once you have successfully turned it off, you are good to go with your other SIM card. That is the end to privacy protection password lock.

Requirements for Below Methods

  • A PC Computer (Desktop or Laptop)
  • A USB Cable
  • The locked Android device

Please read how to update iphone ios

3. Clear Privacy Protection Password Using Miracle Box

Requirement to perform this method, 

PC computer.

Also, by using any of these flashing tools will void your phone’s warranty.

The benefit of using Miracle Box is that you can bypass the “Please enter the privacy protection password to unlock” screen without having to flash your phone’s stock ROM/firmware file. However, if this method does not work for you, you will have to follow the next method, which will require you to flash your phone’s stock ROM/firmware file using SP Flashtools.

  1. Download Miracle Box from this download link.
    2. Download the Miracle Box drivers from this download link.
    3. Locate and double-click to the Miracle Box Drivers that you downloaded in the link above to install them

    Your downloads will usually be located in the “Downloads” folder unless you specified a location.


Left-click on the circle beside “I agree” and then left-click on the “Next” button.

Left-click on the circle beside "I agree" and then left-click on the "Next" button.

4. From here you have the various options to choose, depending on your device.


5. Locate the Miracle Box download that you downloaded from the link above, and double-click on the .EXE file

It should be located in your “Downloads” folder unless you specified a specific location.

  • Left-click on the “Next” button.
  • Left-click on the box beside “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and then left-click on “Next”.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.

6. Left-Click on the “Finish” button when the process is complete, to launch the Miracle Box application

7. Once the application loads up, left-click on the MTK tab.

  1. Left-click on Unlock/Fix tab.

2. Left-click on the tick beside “Clear anti-theft”.


3. Left-click on the drop-down menu box and select your chipset MT


4. Left-click on the “Start” button.



  1. Now, make sure your phone is turned off, by either holding down the “Power” button or taking off the back cover and pulling the battery out.
  2. With your phone off, and the battery back in, connect your phone to your PC via the USB cable.
  3. Press the “Power” button once (ensuring that your device is detected right away), DO NOT hold down the power button or your phone will boot up normally.

4. Now wait for the process to complete and you get the message “..Done (probably a wait of a few minutes until the device is switched)”

5. Disconnect your phone from your PC, and power on your phone


6. If this method didn’t work for you, proceed on to flashing a stock ROM/firmware using the SP Flash Tool method.

Important Notice  

  • The Miracle Box requires a hardware box / dongle in order to work so merely installing the setup won’t work unless you’re using a loader version
  • It is better to deactivate your anti virus temporarily to get the loader to work.
  • Ensure to backup your phone’s firmware just in case something goes wrong somewhere along the line
  • This procedure is similar to bypassing factory reset protection or pattern / pin lock, only difference is the option selected

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4 How to Remove Privacy Using GSM Aladdin Method

GSM Aladdin is a software tool for Windows computers that support many Mediatek devices. This tool can help ByPass FRP, Direct Clear Password, ByPass FRP Gmail account, Clear Private Code, Reset User Lock, Read pattern Code and Remove anti-theft password.

How To remove privacy protection password using Software:

Please it is recommended to install your Device USB driver on your computer. I selected a few sites to help you download correct phone driver or you can use Google search. 1. Android Studio and 2. From Google 3. Drivers

Step 1: Download Gsm Aladdin Tool by clicking here

Step 2: Simply open the .zip file you downloaded on your pc and extract it using either WinRAR or 7zip to unpack it on your system..

Step 3: Search for .exe file, double click on it to install it on your pc and after installation, open GSM Aladdin key software and click Connect.

Step 4: Now you will have to select your device chipset in the device Menu. For a MTK device, just select Meditek.

gsm alladin1

Step 5:  In the model Option, click on the drop-down menu and select Boot2(65XX-81xx), Leave the rest of the default options and click on “Services” just like the image below.

privacy unluck with gsm alladin

Step 6:  Navigate to Services, Click “Clear Settings/Frp” and ensure to power off your phone. Click Start Button and insert USB cable from the computer in phone and wait while the operation is on.

At this point, your phone would be unlocked and you can enjoy your phone again. If in doubt, watch video in the beginning of this post.

In a situation where none of the above methods worked for you, the best bet is to contact your mobile carrier for further assistance.

More so, the phone privacy security lock screen is a way that mobile manufacturers are trying to curb phone theft. This feature is good but when the lock screen occurs and you do not know what to do or you accidentally activated it without the use of password or you may have activated it with a password that you can no longer remember

This can be frustrating as you won’t be able to use the phone and even if you flash the phone, the screen lock will still appear unless you perform any of the methods listed above to unlock the privacy protection  password lock screen.

You can leave a comment in the section provided below. Please remember to share after reading.

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