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User experience and how it affects digital marketing Ux, Ui

What is User Experience (UX) Design?


User experience (UX) design is the process of creating products that provide meaningful and personally relevant experiences on the user. This involves the careful design of both a product’s usability and the pleasure consumers will derive from using such product. It is also concerned with the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function.

The online dictionary defined user experience as the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.

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User Experience (UX) refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. It includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership.(wikipedia)

From above definitions and explanation, it is clear that ux is not just a thing that must be overlooked since users are key factors in the propagation of digital marketing. A product or service with good user experience will defintely produce high return on investment. Since this will make users feel comfortable with how they interact with such a service or for website with good user interface, this aesthetics catches the users there by making them feel the urge to visit such a site and interact with it because it is user friendly.

Marketing and branding people needed to enter the interactive world where usability was important. Usability people needed to take marketing, branding, and aesthetic needs into account when designing websites. User experience provided a platform to cover the interests of all stakeholders: making web sites easy to use, valuable, and effective for visitors. This is why several early user experience publications focus on website user experience. (according to wikipedia)


The importance of UX design is seen in how users bond with a product or service with ease of usage.I know some folks that love samsung just because they have bonded with the brand due to the user experience they derive from it.  The perception of the users in terms of  action and motivation integrate to form a memorable and coherent story: called “the user experience.” This process shows emotional responses, which largely determine whether the experience will be considered positive or negative.

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For designers that are UX inclined and aware of it’s importance to business, seek to create and shape the factors influencing the process deliberately. To do this, a UX designer will consider the Why, What, and How of product use. Why will people want to interact with your product? The What addresses the things people can do with a product—What are the functionalities of your product?. Then How is- how will they relate to the design of functionality in an accessible and aesthetically pleasant way. UX design starts from the Why, then determines the What and finally the How, in order to create products that users can form meaningful experiences with.

This is why Products like  (e.g., the iPhone) are thus designed not only with the product’s consumption or use in mind but also the entire process of acquiring, owning, and even troubleshooting it. This has made iphone (apple products) to be in high demand by users because of it’s great user experience.


Google lays emphasis on website’s user experience. In fact, “landing page experience” has long been a key factor for ranking ads in AdWords.

Landing page experience refers to how good we think someone’s experience will be when they get to your landing page. – Google

In the place of web designers and digital marketers, it is important to understand how UX could impact your SEO.

How does UX impacts SEO?

Let’s share insights from Rand Fishkin,  Tad Chef, Josh Patrice, and Eric Enge.

If there is a single takeaway for me, it’s this: understanding your customer is more important than understanding Google’s algorithm. 10,000 visits per month means nothing if it is not contributing to your bottom line.

Rand Fishkin

“User experience’s greatest impact to SEO is through the increase it creates in organic sharing and distribution”.

All that said, great UX has benefits to every part of your site and its marketing, so SEO should only be one part of the equation.

Eric Enge

“pages with thin or poor contents are routinely ranked poorly in their search results”

Eric said that Google has not ever given any indication as to any UX related element that might use as a ranking factor. However, we know that the Panda algorithm does measure page/site quality. We also know that Google can understand page layout.  Recently, Google’s Pierre Far shared a post on Google+ telling publishers to make sure that they expose Javascript and CSS files to Google.

Other types of things that Google might use as a ranking factor.

1. They could look at user engagement data.

From sources, it was deducted that google maybe using things like short or long dwelling time on your site.(how long they spend on your page or site). Some say bounce rate but the first reason is a more relevant point that supports this augument.

2 . They can do other types of on page content analyses.

It was also noted how they may send users to a page or a site, they evaluate the users experience in terms of satisfaction. You can read more about this concept in the second half of this post.

What was obvious is that they care a lot about the overall user experience.

The tools they have to measure this on your site are limited, but they do have several approaches they can use. Which ones they do use is not entirely clear, but the need for you, as a publisher, to pay a lot of attention to UX on your site is crystal clear.  Ignore this at the detriment of your SEO.


Wil Reynolds

“those who work on getting a site to rank well must work as hard to ensure that the ranking solves the users problem well”.

Google is trying to understand user behavior / interaction with content.  With the significance Google places on ux and content, it is obvious how this can affect SEO of such a site.

Getting a user to a website with a high ranking is only 1 part in the success equation, we must be equally as interested in making sure that the assets, content, and sites we rank truly solve problems for the searcher.

Tad Chef

When asked this question has this to say “That’s a difficult question as both user experience and search engine optimization are closely related by now. My personal definition of SEO for example encloses large parts of what others consider UX as a separate discipline. Long story short when you go to extremes and try to view both UX and SEO as two different things then you will be facing a very obvious conflict of both”.

He went further to explain that when websites are built for people who visit your site, you must satisfy them with quality contents and good ux design. Adhere to follow Google’s rules.

Google mostly wants your content, the more the better. They monetize third party content so that’s why they need it. Users only in some cases need that content, in others they don’t.

In reality, we need to build sites around relevant and good content. The content needs to be useful for users onsite and also be able to attract users to the site in the first place.

The UX Mistake to Avoid

There is so much expectation from google on the part of content and digital marketers to provide quality.

You”ll squander traffic if you don’t line up company goals with user objectives. Don’t take the “easy” way out by trying to please Google and pile up traffic.  You’ll end up with a bunch of disappointed users and no sales.

Do not build for search engines but rather for users

The modern folks now have no time, when they are on your site and do not get what they are looking for or you have a complex system of navigating on your site, they will leave.

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From the reasons and points pointed out above, it is obvious that user experience (ux , ui) has come to be an important factor for digital marketing and if not taken in to cognizance, you may not make success in your business. This is why iphones and samsung are taken over the market because of their understanding and implementation of ux design into their designs and development of products.

You can also see that search engine has relevance for ux and helps them in raking and understanding of a site. The product with good ux will definitely attract more users and increase the dewll time on such site thereby boosting the relevance on search engine result pages.

Have you been educated or you have contribution? Please supply in the comment section.

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