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Understanding content marketing

understanding-content-marketingContent marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. It ultimately aims to drive profitable customer action.

Content marketing is an umbrella term covering a set of strategies, techniques, and tactics to fulfill business and customer goals by using the most relevant content to serve, attract, convert, retain, and engage customers. Content uses blogs, podcasts, video, and social media sites as a vehicle. It’s a practice now being used by 86% of businesses today. However, effective content marketing is not so easy to find.- by [digital marketing tutorials]

Why content marketing?

This question if answered will gear you toward knowing what to do and not do do.  The aspects to build on or discard

But is content marketing right for your business?

What works for A may not sore for B. You have to understand the market and your audience and tailor your content to meet their needs.  Read Driven ways to attract customers through content marketing

Let’s look at some statistical data from some experts in the field.Content -marketing-data

Once done we will answer these questions: Is content marketing right for you? Why should you invest into it?

You must understand the need to create more engaging content. Also what kind of content is effective and what isn’t.

Why do people want to create more engaging content, and why do they want to understand what kind of content is effective?

Simply put as it is useless when you aren’t satisfying your audience.

Content marketing is actually working for many businesses, consider that SEO and blog creation are top means through which most businesses get inbound marketing success. 

You must know that we live in a competitive world today. Content marketing is more competitive presently and in years to come. Have you noticed that everytime you search for something online, millions and millions of results are shown to you.

And yet, you only see the top ten.

That means that searches are only seeing a few people for that keyword.

Now You See that content goes with good SEO and google also made it clear the need for quality content if you want to be ranked high. More reason you have to get the Understanding of content marketing

Content mapping based on the customer journey

Content mapping is the act of understanding your audience in order to create content for each stage of their journey toward buying your product.

You must understand customer journey map in order to have a good content marketing strategy.


It is only a few folks who will see a product online and just buy immediately.

In real sense,  when folks see your products,  they go through the map like awareness, consideration, decision and action (loyalty). So when they discover your website, think about, observe and sometimes it takes  a retargeting ad to now remind them, they now consider if to buy or not, after which they decide and then buy.

The point is that people take a lot of time to buy.

Hence, content marketing builds brand awareness, engagement, and advocation.

But in terms of conversions, revenue, and ROI well, that’s hard to measure. Reason is when someone sees your content,  there is no way to track the number of people who bought your product through knowledge about your business from the content you created.

There are numerous reasons why people buy things.  The question to ask is did they buy because of the advertisement they saw or because of the article they read before?

It’s hard to tell.

User experience has adverse effect on customers. Understand  that your customers want a remarkable experience, and your content marketing efforts can give that to them. Understanding the stages of the customer journey and provision of easy flow on your platform for customers when they are on your system matters and this is where user experience and user interface design matters to content marketing.

There are three basic stages in customer journey map:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision

And each stage requires a different kind of content marketing.
See content marketing by wikipedia

Awareness stage content

The first stage of a buyer’s journey is awareness.

They simply become aware of your business. They aren’t necessarily ready to buy yet or even ready to opt-in to your email list or newsletter. But because of the content you created, they now know who you are.

Why is awareness valuable to business?

This is because when you do not know a person,  you can not trust them. In business when you do not know a brand, you can’t do business with such a person/brand.

It’s just a natural philosophy that is applicable here. They must know you first before brand activation stage.

Hence,  for this purpose,  content marketing is your best tool.

Content marketing by Forbes to show more light

What other ways to create awareness? 

SEO is one great way to make your service or product on hour site seen easily thereby creating awareness. Social media content is another great way to build brand awareness.

You must understand why people go to social media platforms. After I asked the question why do people visit social media?  I discovered that people don’t go to social media platforms because they want to buy products but for entertainment and fun.

Hence, don’t be too sales-y.

Ideally, you want to spread your brand message and strengthen your brand identity without being too pushy about it.

Offer that entertainment, and people will appreciate your business and be more likely to buy from you in the future.

So to build brand awareness for your business, focus on SEO and social media.

Once you are trusted, you can win trust and patrotism by Understanding content marketing ways.

Consideration stage content

From brand awareness to brand activation .This activation is what we looking at now.

In reality,  people have to hear about you, take time to consider, and then decide if to buy.

While content marketing is remarkable at alerting people to the fact that your business exists, it’s also remarkable at guiding people through the consideration phase.

Ensure to use different tactics during the consideration phase.

Pay more attention to newsletter sign-ups, number of returning visitors, form submissions, and resource downloads.

For this purpose, create content to continue attracting people who are interested in your products.

Be aware that people must trust you. And for them to trust you, they must become familiar with your stance on certain topics, your brand image, and even the tone of your business’s voice.

Ensure to create content that builds trust and builds the prospect’s relationship with your business without being too salesy.

With this, you can help people reach the decision stage of the buying process.

Decision stage content

This is where people actually take an action mainly buy. At this stage they already trust your business, and are familiar with your brand and what your business represents.

Now, it’s the time to make or break, push or shove, buy or ditch.

This is when the audience thins to a loyal customer who pays or subscribe to hour services.

This is the place where your average size of orders, order frequency, and sales come into play.  For this to be of effect, the use of keyword phrases are vital. The longer the keyword, the more interested someone is in buying from you.

Once people type in the keyword, shows they are somewhat ready to take the next step in their buying journey.

All you have to do is convince them that your business offers the best solution.


Goals of Content marketing

Given the fact that content plays a role in virtually all marketing techniques and tactics, there are no goals that can’t be reached using content. However, from a content marketing perspective, we see that marketers focus on some key goals such as:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Lead generation
  3. Engagement
  4. Sales
  5. Lead nurturing
  6. Customer retention and loyalty
  7. Customer evangelism
  8. Up-selling and cross-selling

Although these are the typical goals found in content marketing research, think out of the box and look at the goals of your “audiences’.

First, find a reason to start using content marketing. Knowing what the reason and the purpose is important. In a few years from now, people will say content marketing doesn’t work. It’s like in social media: people start saying it doesn’t work because they often forget for what and whom they wanted it to work in the first place.·Here is brief set of guidelines that you can follow to start content marketing:

Please read re-targeted marketing

Major reasons why content marketing can not be over-looked.

  • It increases sales
  • It is cost effective (cost savings)
  • Better customers who have more loyalty


Why do you need a content marketing strategy?

When working with businesses on their marketing, often the same question comes by: “Why do we need a content marketing strategy?” Simple answer: because you don’t ‘just’ want spit out content without thinking. But there are more considerations on why you should have a content marketing strategy. There are two main areas to consider why you need a strategy: your audience, those you are targeting, and your business. For both, I want to give you three reasons why you need a content (marketing) strategy. From fiftyonedegrees publication, these three points are:

    • Your ideal customers are at the heart of your content strategy and trust me if you don’t know who these are then a new website aint gonna help you anyway. Spend some time mapping out who your ideal clients are, where they hang out, what their interests are, what Facebook Groups they are in and develop your marketing around this. Only by knowing who your clients are will you be able to map out where to talk to them and how to get your message heard.
    • The Content and editorial plan is key to your strategy. Now you know who your ideal client is you can map out the types of content that is going to interest them to sell your services. A blog is the ideal way to do this and it serves 2 purposes. Not only does it keep google happy (new fresh lovely content will get you noticed google style) but it also means that you start to stand out against your competition. You can start to build that know like and trust factor.
    • Content sharing – Its almost like with the advent of social media everyone thought well I have a Facebook page and Ive posted a few times that that is it. Actually never has it been truer that your potential clients need to see you multiple times before you can start to build that brand recognition. Essentially what this means is you’ve mapped out your customers, your devised your content plan and you need to start sharing it with a coherent content sharing strategy.

Finally, test, measure, and optimize continuously. Try different types of content. Check analytics. Monitor your expenditure. And always adapt.

It must be noted that the better we know our customers, the more effective our content marketing strategy will end up being.

Always remember that the content has to be valuable and relevant to your target audience. Read mobile marketing and it’s relevance


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