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Top Online Payment Gateway System in Nigeria

Payment gateway system is an a system that allows online payment process to be easy and smoothly carried out. It connects the merchant’s app or website to the bank.

The payment gateway system does this by allowing payment on the merchant’s bank via debit/credit card details to pass through it and sends such details to the bank.

The payment gateway then verifies the details from the bank and the amount gets transferred from your bank account to the merchant’s bank account.

payment gateway online solution

This post will help you if you are a newbie in e-commerce or online transaction web/app developer. This post will help you make the right choice as i have shortlisted to the best of the best and some reasons why some made the list and the flaws with some of them.

Payment gateway system for online payment

1. Paystack

Paystack has made itself one of the best through exemplary and outstanding service provision in Nigeria. Paystack provides businesses with everything they need to accept and make online payments. Their service is simple, secure, affordable and fast to use for small, medium or large business. Many organizations use Paystack for accepting online payments.

Benefits of using paystack for online payment gateway

  • It is free and easy to get started: Easy setup on website or app even without the aid of a developer in shortest possible time.
  • Apart from payments, they offer reliable support and business solutions that you can use to measure and improve your growth.
  • Your customers can make payments directly on your website. It is that easy with 1 or 2 steps in the payment procedure.

Paystack Pricing

  1. Setup fee –  free
  2. Maintenance fee – None
  3. Local transaction charge – 1.5% + ₦100 (The ₦100 fee is waived for transactions less than ₦2500).
  4. International Transactions of 3.9% + ₦100.
  5. Payouts: ₦50 per transaction.

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2. GTPay

GTPay is a payment gateway solution developed by GTbank. The GtPay online payment system is secure and helps to facilitate payments online using Debit Cards issued by banks on the Interswitch Network.

Benefits of using GTPay online payment solution

  1. It is a convenient alternative online payment gateway to all customers.
  2. Enables cardholders to pay merchants (our customers) for online purchases of goods and services from their comfort zones by supplying details of their local debit/credit cards.
  3. Ensures transaction amount is deducted from cards instantly and merchant’s account credited within 24 hours.

GTPay Pricing

  • Setup fee: ₦75,000.
  • Local transactions fee: 1.5% of transaction amount (subject to a maximum of  ₦2,000).
  • International transaction fee (MasterCard, VISA): 3% of transaction amount; no cap.
  • International Gateway Monthly fee: ₦5,000.

3. Rave by Flutterwave

RAVE by Flutterwave is a fast growing payment gateway in Nigeria. They make online payment easy, safe and secure for their customers. You can receive and make payments locally and globally with no hassles. It is easy to setup.

Although i observed from a company that recently used them, in terms of return policy, they need to work out the modalities so that this can be done faster apart from this, they are good.

Benefits of using flutterwave for online payment

  • Multi-currency support
  • It allows card and account payments. So you can directly debit your customers’ bank accounts.


  • Setup fee – free
  • Maintenance fee – None
  •  Local transaction charge – 1.5% + ₦100 (The ₦100 fee is waived for transactions less than ₦2000)
  • International transactions charge – 3.8%
  • Payouts: ₦45 per transaction.

4. InterSwitch WebPay

Interswitch is a safe, secure, reliable, and convenient payment platform for electronic transaction processing in a multi-institution, multi-functional, Online/Offline environment.

Interswitch is the oldest online payment solution provider in Nigeria. It is mostly used by big brands including banks. Interswitch covers Africa more and has wide range of brands that patronizes them.


  • It is powered by Interswitch.
  • Integration to WebPAY using an InterSwitch Certified WebPAY Integration Partner (CWIP) at no extra cost.


  • Setup fee:  ₦150,000.
  • Transaction fee: 1.5% subject to a cap of  ₦2,000 is charged. (i.e. for every transaction below  ₦133,333, attracts a fee of 1.5% ), and  ₦2,000 flat fees (for transactions above ₦133,333).

5. VoguePay

You must have seen them if you operate e-commerce website/blog. It is a secure way to send and receive payments globally. VoguePay’s global coverage permits transactions to be made safely in all major currencies, regardless of location.

It has also been known to support payment in bitcoin. You can accept one-time payments, set up subscriptions, and even receive donations.

Benefits of using voguepay

  • Multiple payment channels: Accept payment any way you want. Give your customers options.
  • Developer friendly: Simple API documentation to make integration easy, even for non-developers. You easily integrate payment to your website through the use of plugin libraries and extensions
  • Easy Account Management: Opt for business or personal accounts based on your needs.
  • Multi-currency support: Accept payment in multiple global currencies. Get paid in your default currency.
  • You can easily manage a business or personal accounts based on your needs.


  • Integration: Free (fees may apply for customisation)
  • Merchant Verification: ₦ 1,500 (with CAC) and ₦ 2,500 (with Govt. issued ID cards)
  • Local Transactions (Naira Cards): 1.5% Transactions above ₦2,500 1.5% + ₦30
  • International Transactions (USD MasterCard & VISA Cards): 3.8% + 0.50 of currency transaction

6 PayU

PayU offers secure platform to accept payments. It’s simple, secure and affordable. PayU is a leading online payment service provider dedicated to creating a fast, simple and secure payment process for merchants and buyers.
Offering over 25 payments methods locally and over 250 payment methods globally.


eTranzact is a multi-application, multi-network and multi-channel electronic payment platform that supports all major networks including AMEX, VISA and MasterCard.

eTranzact Platform is credible to handle all transaction which are currently cash or check based and the platform capability is such that any solution that is driven by consumer payment can be automated on the platform.

It processes payment requests from multiple channels – Web, ATM,POS, mobile, etc using automated procedures.


CashEnvoy is among the safest, easiest and convenient way to make payment, send money and get paid online.

It allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Cash Envoy account can be funded with Nigerian debit cards or through online bank transfer from specific local banks.

CashEnvoy performs payment processing for online vendors, auction sites, and other commercial users. It charges a transaction fee for receiving money (a percentage of the amount sent plus an additional fixed amount).

Features Of CashEnvoy

  • Merchants, receive Money Online
  • Easily pay and settle other merchants on your platform.
  • No integration, withdrawal or subscription fees!
  • Easy to use, with complete transaction records.
  • Receive payment and donations online with ease.
  • Accept payment on your online store from debit cards and CashEnvoy account holders.


Send/Make Payments (To business account only): Free

Withdraw funds: N120.00 (fee for withdrawals of ₦4,000.00 or less)

Receive payments:

Local: 1.5% + ₦25.00 |

Intl: 3.9% + ₦12.60

9 Remita

Remita has proven to be safe and reliable and the government uses it as their no 1 choice of online payment gateway solution.

Remita payment system is not limited to a wide range of payment methods which includes Internet Banking, Debit/Credit Cards, POS Terminals, Mobile Wallet, Cash Agents, mPOS, Direct Debit, Standing Order and Electronic Purse.


  • Setup and support fee: Free
  • Make payment free but a charge of ₦100/ transaction
  • For more details, visit Remita pricing page

The platforms listed here have been tested and known to be credible, with time i will bring you updates. Just know there are still a lot of them out there which were not listed here but you can research them to know if it is best for you.