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Marketing mistakes to avoid when using Twitter

It is important to note that when using social media networks for marketing, it can produce enormous results when properly implemented. Hence, today we are going to discuss Marketing mistakes to avoid when using Twitter.When you use twitter without being strategic about it, you will fail. This brings us to ask the question if you are using twitter for marketing? If Yes, then this post is for you and here we will dissect the mistakes that you will need to avoid on twitter for marketing. 252

Ways small business can be promoted online Updated


The art of marketing is not a big deal as most people see it, it is actually being  smart with it that gets the job done in the end. With smart ways, you can set the pace. With smart ways, you can get customers and also keep them with quality content. The impact of small businesses to the economy can not be over looked because it is most of these businesses that grew into the famous big organizations of today. Finding a product or service to sell is only half the story. Now you have to get out there and tell people about it.  How do you tell people about your product or services? There are ways you can promote your small businesses without

How to Use Social Media for leads and traffic


In my previous post on Social media marketing and its benefits, I explained what social media is and how relevant it is to business. Now let's look at how we can use it to generate traffic for our sites.You might have asked the following questions like - "How do I get traffic to my website via social media?”Or if you have traffic, “How will I manage to increase that traffic consistently?”Not to worry! 78