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How to Fix No Sim Card Detected Error On Android Device

no simcard detected error

Android is a wonderful operating system that affords you the luxury of ease of use and flexible data transfer from device to device. Today i wish to discuss How To Fix No Sim Card Detected Error On Android Device. A SIM card, also known as a subscriber identity module, is a smart card

Reasons and solutions to phone hanging


What is Phone hanging? Phone hanging refers to the state or condition when a mobile device stops responding to commands of  it's user. It is sometimes called phone crash and is characterized by screen freeze.In this article we will learn about the reasons behind phone hang and possible solutions. Most times, this

How to Check and update your Android version


What is an Android device? It is an open-source operating system used for smartphones and tablet computers. Developed by Google based on Linus kernel for touch screen smartphones and tablets.When you are using an android device, there is need to sometimes update it to the next available version. This is to


HOW TO UPDATE IPHONE, IPAD AND IPOD IOSPLEASE WE ARE SORRY FOR OUR SITE WAS CORRUPTED AND LOST ALL DATAS. PLEASE BEAR WITH USThis article is to help our folks know more on how to update their iphone IOS without much need for an expert. Learn how to update your