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Online marketing is one of the best ways of reaching your prospects and attracting more clients. Small businesses using digital marketing are consistently growing their business through proper application and implementation of digital marketing skills.When you talk about online marketing, there are strategies associated with online marketing which will help your business and attract more leads. These tools are explained below:1 Website or Blog MarketingYour website or (blog) is the place where you can market and sell your products, build relationships, generate leads, pass on valuable free content, test ideas, and more. Your website actively puts your message out into the world so that potential customers can find you too. It’s the focal point of your business.This shows your prospects

How to Install and Crack Corel Draw X7 with Pictures- Updated

keygen-code-generate for-corelx7

_In todays article, I bring to you a way on How to Install and Crack Corel Draw X7 in the most easy and efficient way. Simplified steps with images for ease of understanding. You can download corel draw x7 graphics suite from the link below.What made me to know about this and how i troubleshot it to remedy the situation before i decided to share my success on this problem with you reading this that might be in such a problem or wish to learn it.It started with the message "This software is operating under an invalid license. It has therefore switched to Viewer Mode". I tried to design but it was in viewers mode and All save, export and print

How to Check and update your Android version


What is an Android device? It is an open-source operating system used for smartphones and tablet computers. Developed by Google based on Linus kernel for touch screen smartphones and tablets.When you are using an android device, there is need to sometimes update it to the next available version. This is to enhance the phones OS and make it function even better. You'll get notifications when updates are available for you. You can also check for updates manually. 50

Get 2.5Gb Data MTN For 1000 Naira


MTN offers different Data bundles that if you do not know, you will just be spending more on data than usual. The reason i emphasis on data is because of the impact of internet data now in the country.A lot of people love to make internet calls like Audio and video on applications like Whatsapp, Imo, Botim and so on. 1285

How To Block A Program From Accessing The Internet In Windows

you know how to block a computer program from accessing the Internet

For those that are users of different programs and do not want it to access the internet because of license or key issues. This post will help you know how to block a computer program from accessing the Internet, or you may want to temporarily disable your computer access so that you can get work done without being distracted.The easiest way to disable internet access, regardless of the operating system, is to remove the network interface hardware from the computer, or disconnect the computer's LAN cable or wireless network.For application users ( I mean people like web designers, graphics designers, editors and so on that uses different apps), Most of the time we want our applications in use and also we

How to Download & Install Photoshop cs6 or cc 2018 with FREE Crack


There are different ways to install and crack certain software and Photoshop is one of them. There is a ways to install and crack  corel draw x7 without stress and with ease. Below this post, you will find serial numbers to try and use on your adobe Photoshop cs6/cc. Adobe Photoshop CC 2018/cs6 has been observed to be the most powerful and popular professional photo editing software, painting, 3D modeling, and so on that has gotten the best of users over the past years since its first release, and is updated with new features frequently.Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) or CS (Creative Suite) depending though, has dozens of important differences with previous versions of Photoshop  which has enhance features in terms of

Simple Ways to Record a WhatsApp Video Call on Android

ways-to-record-whatsapp-calls-on android

Most times people get calls on whatsapp and wish they can record such conversations but today i want you to know that this is now possible with the use of this app. Am not trying to promote but always brings to you my readers the latest tech or info that will help solve some of your quest in this world today.WhatsApp Messenger has now become the most sort after app on all SmartPhone (Android devices) in today's phone world. What makes Whatsapp a must have and unique is that the ability to use phone number without the stress incurred by other apps that require some forms of rigorous registration or so.  The video calling  feature that it possesses now makes it

How Domain Name Affects SEO

How domain name affects SEO ranking

The reason for this post is to answer a question has been on the minds of some folks concerning how domain name affects SEO. Some say that domain name has no effect on SEO and some say it does.What is domain name?Online dictionary defined it as the part of a network address which identifies it as belonging to a particular domain.A domain name is your website name. A domain name can also be said to be the address where Internet users can access your website online.The reason for  SEO is to optimize every page element on our website or blog to get the maximum SEO juice (nutrient if we relate to human being) to enable us rank high on

Email marketing tools for business

email marketing tools for biz

Email marketing tools that can be used by your business to achieve great success in your email marketing campaign.As long as you’re using it right, email is still one of the most valuable and targeted channels for reaching your audience. It's relevance and benefits can not be over-looked.Read Also: Steps to run a successful Email marketing for your businessWith proper email marketing strategy, you can successfully promote your products/ services to reach goods, services, apps and so on through this media and record huge success. You can also communicate with your customers and deliver certain info about your service that can add value to them.PLEASE READ SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING AND ITS RELEVANCE TO BUSINESS There is also apps for small businesses,