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Get 2.5Gb Data MTN For 1000 Naira


MTN offers different Data bundles that if you do not know, you will just be spending more on data than usual. The reason i emphasis on data is because of the impact of internet data now in the country.A lot of people love to make internet calls like Audio and

How Domain Name Affects SEO

How domain name affects SEO ranking

The reason for this post is to answer a question has been on the minds of some folks concerning how domain name affects SEO. Some say that domain name has no effect on SEO and some say it does. I did extensive research on this and want to share this

See cute Email marketing tools for business

Email marketing discussed in my earlier article. The basics for email marketing and it's relevance were highlighted. Now we want to look at some cute email marketing tools that can be used by your business to achieve great success in your email marketing campaign.As long as you’re using it right,

The Dissimilarity between sales and marketing

The Dissimilarity between sales and marketing can not be over emphasized. Sales and marketing are closely interwoven and are aimed at increasing income. Do you know that without marketing, you would not have prospects or leads to follow up also, without a good sales strategy, you wont be able to

Mobile marketing with sms texting to promote business


Sms marketing is a powerful and cost-effective tool, that when properly employed can yield tremendous results and vice versa.In my previous article on mobile marketing, it was explained that the later is the act of promoting your products, brand or services through carefully and systematically designed campaigns for delivery to cell