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Reasons And Solutions To Phone Overheating. Simple Fix!

Have you ever used a phone and it just keeps getting hotter by the minute? Wonder why your phone gets hot? This issue can be solved by knowing what causes it and simple Fix methods to apply.

why phone gets hot

Here’s why your phone is Overheating and how to stop it

1 High Display Brightness

When your phone brightness is way too high, this consumes more power from the battery and as such drains the power faster. When you have such phone mistakenly unlocked in your pocket, this makes the phone to get hotter as there is much power drain from the battery with no means of ventilation.

Solution: Always try to adjust the brightness. Make it low when you indoor or so, use brightness when necessary and in most cases, outdoor.

2 Too Many Tasks Running

Having so many task performing at the same time on your phone can increase the rate at which your power dissipates power.

Solution: Ensure to check and close the apps and processes which you no longer use at that moment. This will not only save your device from over working and heating, it will save the phone battery and improve its efficiency.

3 Low/Shortage of Ram

The Smartphone has a unique feature that makes it stand out. You can do so many things at the same time. Open different task simultaneously. But this effect comes with a cost. that is, it drains the battery faster. Gaming, playing music/video, camera, surfing the net all have an effect on the phone but it kills your RAM and thus sets your phone on fire.

Solution: Smartphones have excellent minimizing/multitasking function. Only run apps compatible with your phone. Clear old apps and give space for new ones. Use apps that you need.

4 Heavy Gaming

There is so much fun playing games on phones. With loads of amazing game features on the app store, you agree with me there is no limit to fun you can derive from using your phone in gaming. But this comes at a cost!

The higher the size of the game, a more complex game can suck up your battery life and heat up the RAM.
Solution: Try not to play games for too long. Also ensure to download games that are compatible with your phone life.

5 Heavy Streaming

Streaming requires you to have a 3G/4G LTE network connectivity on. understand that the longer your Data connection, the shorter your battery life, at the same time, your phone is heating up like a heater.

Solution: When you stream, do not make it longer. Ensure to give your phone a break to rest and cool off. Be mindful of having some battery life to receive calls or text messages.

6 Phone cases that don’t allow for ventilation

The back of your phone is built with either plastic/leather kind that does not allow for air to interact with the phone. the phone casing tends to trap heat inside thereby preventing cold air from circulation. Also, Leaving data/wifi on can also make the phone to generate more heat.

Solution: Ensure to provide space for air. This will enable the phone to have some air interacting with the phone and removing excess heat. And also remember to turn off Data/Wifi services if you’re leaving it in your pocket for long.

7 Bad Battery

Don’t overcharge your phone. In order to have a good battery life, you should not over charge it. Ensure to charge when necessary. This will help the battery life to be maintained.

A bad or malfunctioned battery can get hot when charging and been used simultaneously. If your battery does not sit flat on the battery space then it’s defective and should be replaced.
Solution: You should replace your battery to a new one.

8 No Rest

Try to give your phone rest atimes. it is good to switch the phone off once a while. Does your phone remain turned on constantly throughout the day?Do you leave your phone on and plugged into a charger all night? Simply try to power it off and leave it to rest for a while has a lot of benefits it can offer your phone.

9 Malware Issues

Most times you may have installed some apps that has a malware in it. This can cause your phone to act sluggishly thereby increasing the heat of your phone thereby making the phone to act funny. Endeavor to install apps that are not harmful to your mobile device.


Always apply caution when using your phone. Try to restrict your phone usage to few activities at a time. Also app not in use, clean it off. Do not over charge your battery. Off wifi, data, reduce brightness, camera and others to reduce battery usage and over heating.