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Quick Loans You Can Get From Nigeria Banks

Financial technology companies are disrupting the lending industry and some of them offer quick, easy and cheap loans with no collateral.

quick loans you can get from Nigeria banks

Loans in Nigeria has taken a new dimension. With the likes of Branch, RenMoney and co in the fore front of offering loan without collateral need from the customers.

Nigeria Banks are now stepping up their games by bringing in Quick Loans in Nigeria. it is easier to get loans from Nigeria banks from your mobile device.

What Is A Quick loan In Nigeria?
5 Quick Loans To Get In Nigeria Offered By Nigeria Banks

  1. GTBank Quick Credit
  2. Access Bank Quick Bucks
  3. UBA No Wahala Loan
  4. FCMB Fast Cash
  5. WEMA bank Personal Loan (Fixed Term Loan)

What is Quick Loan In Nigeria?

Quick loans are loans that are issued in a short amount of time, and are often subject to less rigorous screening/approval processes.

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These loans don’t require any collateral and they are usually sent to your account within few hours of application. Top banks in Nigeria are now offering quick loans in Nigeria to all its customers.

One discouraging factor in getting loans from banks in Nigeria is the high interest rate usually attached to getting such loans from the Nigerian banks.

With the metamorphosis in the financial sector and some enlightenment of the Nigerian populace, alternative means of getting loans at low interest rates have been found.

Financial organizations like Renmoney, Branch, Aella Credit, Paylater App are giving out loans to Nigerians at a very low interest rate. This development has made getting loans very fast and easy.

Hence, Nigeria banks have come up with ways to get in and keep their customers by providing quick loans for them.

In this article we’ll show you 5 best quick loans you can get from Nigeria banks.

5 Quick Loans To Get In Nigeria Offered By Nigeria Banks

  • GTBank Quick Credit
  • Access Bank Quick Bucks
  • UBA No Wahala Loan
  • FCMB Fast Cash
  • Salary Advance Loans

1 GTBank Quick Credit

gtbank loans

The GTBank Quick Credit loan is a loan service option from GTBank.

Whether you are a salary earner or self-employed, you can now get the cash you need instantly, and pay back over 6 – 12 months. Quick Credit gives you funds up to N5million at an interest rate of 1.75% monthly. 
No Hidden Charges.

The interesting part of this loan is that it is sent to your bank account within two hours of approval. The more interesting part of this loan is that you only get to dial a short code to apply.

How to Apply

  1. You can request for Quick Credit instantly by dialling *737*51*51#
  2. Quick Credit is also available on all GTBank online and mobile banking platforms (Internet Banking, GTWorld, GTBank Mobile App and Habari App)

You can also login or apply here

2 Access Bank Quick Bucks

QuickBucks is a Mobile Banking Application for digital loans by Access Bank. It is a platform for all loan products aimed at improving your borrowing experience – for retail Loans, Credit Card, Debit Card, Consumer Durable Loans and Device Financing Loan requests.

All you have to do is install the Access Bank quick bucks app and start with the process.

The loans that can be accessed on Quickbucks include:

  • PayDay Loan.
  • Salary Advance.
  • Small Ticket Personal Loan.
  • Device Financing.

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3 UBA No Wahala Loan

The UBA “’No Wahala’ Loan” is a personal loan that means “no problem”. The loan is meant for persons who needs to pay for an unexpected bill. The loan will give you the freedom to spend a little more on what you really want. It requires very little paper work and getting the loan is very easy.

Benefits Of UBA No Wahala Loan

  • No deposit and invoices are required
  • Fast, simple and convenient
  • Convenient repayment terms
  • Competitive interest rates

How to Apply For UBA No Wahala Loan

  • Complete a UBA Consumer Loan Application form which you may download by clicking on the download link on the right corner of this page or pick up from any of our branches
  • Submit your application to the customer service officer in your branch

4 FCMB Fast Cash

FCMB Fast cash is a loan system where you can access loan quickly up to N100,000 in few hours. As the name implies, it is fast to access. FCMB won’t request for too much paper work and sending loan to borrower is within hours after application.

You can get more from here,

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WEMA bank Personal Loan (Fixed Term Loan)

If you are employed by a recognized organization and you operate a Salary Current or Savings Account with WEMA bank, and you need a loan, you can majestically walk into WEMA bank and request for Personal Loan.

Features WEMA bank Personal Loan

  • Available to existing salary account holders, based on salary domiciliation.
  • New customers, will in addition to salary domiciliation, provide evidence of consistent salary payment for the most recent 3 months.
  • The maximum loan amount is 7 multiples of net monthly salary, subject to a maximum of N2 million
  • Maximum loan tenor of 36 months.
  • Loan Top-up available after 6 months of regular monthly down payments.
  • 48 hours loan disbursement.
  • Available to confirmed employees only.
  • Apply for loans & overdrafts at the convenience of your office
  • Low turnaround time for loan & overdraft disbursement (48 hours)
  • Zero account maintenance fee on the current account
  • Access to mobile & Internet Banking services

Requirements WEMA bank Personal Loan

  • Duly completed loan application form & executed offer section
  • Letter of Introduction signed by an authorized signatory of employer
  • An irrevocable letter of salary domiciliation (duly executed by employer’s authorized signatory). Please note that the signatories must be independently verified by a representative of Wema Bank
  • Proof of income (3 months’ pay slip or 3 months account statement)
  • Proof of address (Physical visitation and report by bank representative) supported with a copy of recent utility bill

WEMA bank unsecured business loan

WEMA bank also offers unsecured business Loan designed to boost the working capital of an existing business in order to aid its growth.

The requirement for WEMA bank unsecured business loan

  • Completed loan Application Form.
  • Two passport photographs
  • Company profile
  • Executed Personal and/or Corporate Guarantee form by an acceptable Guarantor
  • Statement of net-worth-duly completed by the Guarantor
  • At least three (3) months bank account statement from Wema Bank and three (3) months from previous/other banks (s). Other banks’ statement must be on letterhead and signed by the bank official with stamps
  • Residential Utility bill and Customer Visitation form for borrower and guarantor.
  • Business Utility bill and Customer Visitation form for borrower and guarantor.
  • Business Questionnaire form (To be completed by the Relationship manager/ officer
  • Customer should provide a guarantor who will submit undated cheque covering the value of the loan
  • Customer to submit undated cheque covering the loan valve (where necessary)

In conclusion, you can easily get a quick cash from your banks at lowest interest rates. There is a post on other mobile apps that you can use to apply for loans without collateral and get your loan within few hours of application.

Loans mentioned above are very easy to get and you can apply for those loans online with your mobile device.

Someone might just need to know of these quick loans to help them pay for an urgent bill. Kindly share this post on Facebook, Twitter and so on to help people know of these quick loan options from their banks.

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