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Over 100 SPAM Trigger Words to Avoid in Email Marketing

Email marketing comes with a lot of benefits when correctly done. Have you ever wondered why your emails are not been sent or opened by your recipient?

spam words to avoid in email marketing

Do you know that most times these messages goes to SPAM folder? Now what is SPAM?

SPAM is electronic junk mail. It is when recipient has not granted verifiable permission for the message to be sent to their mail box.

In this post, you will learn reasons why your email goes to SPAM and never gets opened. Sometimes, it is caused by SPAM trigger words or phrases.

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Over 100 Email SPAMMY Keywords To Avoid

SPAM Trigger words are known to cause problems and increase the chances of your email getting caught in a SPAM folder of the recipient. When you avoid these words in your email subject lines, you are guaranteed to increase chances of your mail not getting delivered to the SPAM folder.

1. Avoid Financial Keyword or Phrase

AFFORDABLE, BARGAIN, Beneficiary, Best price, Big bucks, Cash, Cash bonus, Cashcashcash, Cents on the dollar, Cheap, Check, Claims, Collect Compare rates, Cost, Credit , Credit bureaus, Discount Earn, Easy terms, F r e e, Fast cash, For just $XXX, For instant access

Hidden assets, hidden charges, Income, Incredible deal, Insurance Investment, Loans, Lowest price, Million dollars, Money, Money back, Mortgage, Mortgage rates, No cost, No fees, One hundred percent free, Only $, Pennies a day, Price, Profits, Pure profit, Quote, Refinance, Save $,

Additional income, Affordable, Amazing bargains, Bargain hunter, Cash back today, Consolidate debt, Deals, Earn cash back, Easy money, Eliminate debt, Extra cash, Extra income, Financial freedom, Full refund, Get more for your money, It’s a bargain,

Lower fees, Lower interest, Lower rates, Make more money, No hidden costs, No startup fee, No upfront costs, One-of-a-kind deal, Pure profit, Risk-free, Save big, Save big money, Start saving immediately, Save big money, Save up to, Serious cash, Subject to credit, Why pay more?

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2. Avoid Using Pushy Keywords

Accept credit cards, Accordingly, As seen on, Check, Check or money order, Click, Click Below, Click Here, Click to remove, Compete for your business, Deal, Debt, Direct email, Direct marketing, Do it today, Don’t hesitate, Form, Free access, Free instant, Full refund, Investment
Investment decision, Life, Life insurance, Lifetime, Mail in order form

Month trial offer, Never, Not junk, Not spam, Notspam, Now, Obligation
Offers, One time mailing, Only, Only $, Open, Opt-in, Order, Order now,
Order shipped by, Order status, Order today, Orders shipped by, Pennies a day, Per day, Per week, Presently, Price, Prices, Print form, signature, Print out and fax, Priority mail, Produced and sent out, Purchase, Quote, Rates, Refund, Regarding, Removal,

instructions, Save up to, Serious only, Shopper, Sign up free today, Solution, Strong buy, Subscribe, Take action, Tack action now,
Tells you it’s an ad, Terms and conditions, The following form, Trial unlimited, Unlimited trial, What are you waiting for? What’s keeping you?

3. Avoid Business Keywords

0%, 100%, 99.9%, Be your own boss, Bonus, Boost sales, Boost vitality

Enhance performance, Free, Free 30-day trial, Investment opportunity

Join the millions …, Just reduced, Money making opportunity, No catch

No questions asked, Refinance and save, Risk free,

4. Avoid Urgency Keywords

Act now, Amazing benefits, Amazing offer, Bonus offer today only, Brand new, Buy now, Call now, Clearance, Expiring today, Fast cash, Get it now

One time, Order now, Order today Please read, Special promotion Supplies are limited, Take action now, Time limited, Urgent While supplies last

Get it today, Incredible deal, Instant access, Instant download, Limited-time offer, Limited supply, One-of-a-kind offer, One-time fee, One-time offer, Pennies on the dollar, Special deal, Special discount, Special offer

Take action, While available, While in stock, While supplies last

5. Miscellaneous Keywords to Avoid

ANYTHING IN ALL CAPS, Anything R-rated, Hot, Extra.Punctuation.Between.Words, Score with …


The reason for using any digital marketing channel is to get results. it makes no sense after spending time, effort and resources in creating a lovely email and it ends up in SPAM. Which means it might not be opened and that is a loss.

The best result in Email marketing is derived from its deliverability rate. When you can avoid these SPAM trigger words, you are sure to automatically get your email to your recipient’s mailbox. Avoid these and increase your chances mails been opened.