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On-Page SEO: How I Ranked A Site On First Page


This post shows how i used ON-PAGE SEO to rank a site for a client within 62 days. Even a post on Privacy protection policy on this blog ranks for different keywords on google first page to the second and at suitable position too.

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO can be defined as measures put in place in optimizing individual webpages in order to gain more relevant trafficand rank higher on search engines result pages (SERP).

Moz defined On-page SEO “as both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals”.

I want to share a case study with you about my first client even though am just about three years in the digital marketing profession apart from my other IT Skillset.

A friend of mine that owns a business contacted me about his Event planning business which was lacking leads.

First thing I asked was if he has an online presence? He said yes. I asked the media he was on… He was on social media and idecided to run a check on his post.


Then i asked him few questions which i ask people in such category. Questionnaire

  1. Why have you not considered having a website?
  2. Do you think your business does not need a website to represent it’s brand?
  3. Do you know that having a website positions you well for global recognition and relationship?
  4. What if your social media account is blocked? You do not have control over it anymore. Funny enough, the account was blocked few weeks later.

Now i stopped there, guess you know why by now.

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There is a first rule of law in SEO:
“Know Your Ideal Target Audience/Customer“.

Now we kicked off with the first stage which is to have a website online to represent the brand. I designed a website for him with the following in mind

  1. UX : I once wrote on how UX and how it affects digital marketing
  2. User friendly website
  3. Search Engine friendly website
  4. Images used optimized
  5. Page loading Time

  6. Short and concise form as we are in the 21st century where people are always moving with the speed of light.

To say a few. Then the website was designed with optimization.
My Next goal was to think of a way that Google could trust his website and start sending traffic to the website.

You may read on Best On-Page SEO Method which I gave short and detailed processes of doing SEO and rank higher.

First step was to do keyword research:

There are several ways to do keyword research, but I recommend you use the Google tools available to everyone for free: Google Auto Suggest, Google trends, Google keyword planner, and some other which are free to a minimum.

These tools shows you the search volume for that keyword phrase. As you do your keyword research directly on

Next step was to go back to see the first people ranking on the first page, Asking the following questions in mind.

  1. What makes them unique?
  2. What are they doing right?
  3. What are they ranking for?
  4. How are they ranking for such keywords?

I did a competitive analysis on them.

I trust you following me on this case study and understanding every step.

Next was to copy the competitor’s URL and placed it in AdWords Keyword Planner and some other keyword tool to find more keywords they were possibly ranking for and plan my strategy.

How I optimzed his webpages

The first thing now was to focus the keyword: “Event planning” Event management” just a few.

– Page Title
– SEO title
– Meta header as required appropriately.
– Meta keywords
– Meta Description (very important if you want people to click.)

Also, ensure that your keyword phrase is also in the:
– Image Description (File name. Alt-tag,
– Header 1, 2, 3
– Body of content (first 100 words)

Within a few months, His page racked up on the front page. He checked the analytics and was glad. This is just a testimony that made me happy. Currently I have done this even for my employers where am currently working as the Digital marketing executive.

Feel free to leave a review or comment below. You can inquire if you need help. Kindly share and thanks as you do.

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