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Mobile marketing with sms texting to promote business

Sms marketing is a powerful and cost-effective tool, that when properly employed can yield tremendous results and vice versa.


In my previous article on mobile marketing, it was explained that the later is the act of promoting your products, brand or services through carefully and systematically designed campaigns for delivery to cell phones, smart phones and other handheld devices. It is a known fact that sms is readily opened within the first few minutes a person receives it. This makes it highly prolific and efficient. The advantage of mobile marketing were dealth with in the first part of the article published earlier on mobile marketing. Most people/businesses use sms to send greeting messages about new months, festivals and so on to customers/ friends/ relatives and as such a way to positively remind them of your brand when expressing your care.

Now the question that comes to your mind is how can text messaging be helpful to you in marketing? I have been doing mobile (sms) marketing for some top companies and have been able to record tremendous results and impact from this channel and as such i wish to share my experience with you and hope you learn and add value to your business and services.

It has been observed how often organizations spend huge amounts of money on digital marketing initiatives, yet do not consider a simple-yet-effective channel:

Let me run you through some advantages of SMS texting for business purposes:

  •      No internet required: SMS doesn’t rely on an internet connection.
  •      Speed: SMS is incredibly fast. Almost all text messages are delivered in 15 – 30 seconds or less, depending on network.
  •      Reach: Business texting and SMS allow you to reach anyone with a mobile plan and device.
  •      Devices: SMS can be used with any type of mobile device.

The fact that it does not require internet and no device restrictions, are the key reason why SMS has higher engagement rates than email, Facebook messaging or other digital channels since everyone that has a mobile device, that is been provided with network from their mobile network providers.


Advantages of SMS Marketing

SMS is one of the best ways to reach and get more customers, for the following reasons:

  • When people subscribe to or drop their contacts, it shows they are interested and want updates on the product or service concerned.
  • The best thing i observed about SMS is that messages are sent out in real-time, businesses and organizations can update their customers on any latest deal or services/ product available.
  • Gathering user data is much easier by way of SMS marketing. This makes it much easier for the company to make changes to the advertising campaign, as and when necessary.

With SMS platform being a way to get in touch with your audience, organizations can be in constant touch with clients, urging them to partake in any call-to-action needed.

Disadvantages of SMS Marketing

Everything good has it’s bad side and SMS marketing is no exception to this rule. See the disadvantages of SMS marketing:

  • The maximum limit for text messages is 160 characters. This allows very little space to type or campaign.  Moreso, certain effects like media can not be added to the messages.
  • In the world today people using mobile are on the increase and as such uses mobile texting. SMS marketing is gradually gaining grounds. Banks, churches and some organizations uses this medium for salutations and greetings. The major challenge here is that few audience can be accessed with this. It has been observed that very few people would opt-in to receive messages and a minimal number would actually bother to look through the message. That factor severely limits the size of your audience.
  • This constraint makes it tasking and involves a lot of effort coining the right message for the desired campaign which would attract more users.

Best Practices For Business Text Messaging

Here are the things to bear in mind when doing text messaging marketing

  • Keep it short

    When sending sms text messages to your customers, remember to keep it short and simple. Sms involves a limit usually 160 text characters and as such you have to keep it to just the important parts of the message.

  • Timing is of the essence

    Ensure to texts during reasonable hours because there’s no point in texting customers when they can’t immediately act on your offer.

  • Frequency :

    Don’t text too much. Mind how you text and the periods with which you do so. Best practice is to send 1–2 texts a month. Any more risks annoying your customers.

  • Deliver value.

    Only send target messages that deliver value to the customer.

  • Include a phone number or URL as the CTA.

    The success of any marketing campaign depends, to a great extent, on the call to action (CTA). Remember to provide a way for a consumer/client interested in your product/ services/ brand to contact you (call-to-action)

  • Provide a way out.

    This is for those using short codes for messaging. It is a good practise to provide a way for your customers to opt-out


However, as long as you follow the best practices laid out here, you should be just fine. I wish to know if you have used sms for your business? If so, what is your success story? If you haven’t started, why not take a leap of faith into it?

Note that the article and practices are custom to this part of the world. Base on what and how it pertains to this region.  Please remember to share and like our social media handles.

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