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Mistakes you need avoid making on social media networks

One of the hottest digital marketing trends right now is Social media marketing. To be honest, if social media is not properly applied, little or no result will be recorded. 

In fact, these businesses are following the social media trend of others and may become discouraged by the lack of positive results.


It is no lie that most businesses in this part of the world have heard about how effective social media marketing can be and are all rushing to
use social media platforms to promote their products and services.

Here is the thing, there are certain social media marketing mistakes you must avoid in order to make or record success from social media marketing.

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1) Not Having a Social Media Marketing Strategy

It has been said that “if you do not plan,you plan to fail”. There is a great need to have a social media tactics, strategy and plans. With a plan, you will have developed a unique voice and also be seen and taken serious as a business.
Social media marketing must be approached the same way you approach your planning for any marketing campaign. You should have specific goals, budgets and a concrete plan of action that outlines what you are trying to accomplish. This strategy and plans should portray questions like- how to achieve your goal, how to measure results, and what resources be allocated.

2) Wrong Audience Being Targeted

Please this is very important to take note of! If you do not Know your target audience. Your efforts may be abortive. It will be like pouring water on a tortoise shell, in the end you will achieve nothing from whatever efforts you are putting into social media marketing.
Just imagine someone selling stationary targeting plumbers or brick layers when he should be targeting students/pupils. Definitely there would not be any productive result from such campaign.


You need to ensure you are reaching the right audience with your social media marketing. With social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media networks is that you can target the exact kinds audience through their advertising platform.

3) Not Engaging Your Followers

Social media platforms are meant for conversation. If you want to effectively utilize social media marketing, you need to ensure you are engaging your followers on the various platforms. When your followers ask a question on any of the social media platforms, you should respond as soon as possible. This will help you build a loyal social media followership that will be loyal to your brand.

4)Failing to Engage in Conversations

When you share contents and post on social media, it should be able to get attention and conversations with your audience. If you post and do not connect or get feed backs, then it is all a waste of resource.
When a person responds or comments, be sure to reply. Every comment a customer posts, whether positive or negative, presents an opportunity to communicate with the customer directly.

Be friendly and personable; after all, this is what social media is about. And don’t limit your company’s social interactions only through the marketing department. Involve other departments that interact with customers, such as sales, customer service, billing, and production, in your social media strategy to communicate with your customers.

5)Posting content for the sake of posting content

It has been observed that some folks will tell you to post all the time without strategy or posting program. It is true that posting content regularly will get you attention. But, if your content is not amazing, it may not even get you the desired result and hence, the time you spend on creating such content is wasted.

6) Being On Too Many Social Media Network

It is bad to be on numerous social media networks at a time and yet no result. That is a “jack of all trade,master of none” What is the use of being on numerous social media networks and not active on any of them? It’s better to be on two or three social media networks and be effective in managing them well rather than seven -fifteen media you are not able to manage adequately.

7) When you Do Not Measure Result

The beauty of social media marketing is the ability to measure your social media performance. Facebook has Insight tool, Twitter has an inbuilt analytic tool. Other social platforms have their own social media analytic tool.
You should be consistently reviewing your social media platforms in order to find out your best performing content and how you can improve on it.

8) Buying Fake Followers

What is the essence of having followers on your social media pages if not to convert them into customer’s that can pay? You need to ensure those following your social media pages are real human beings that will be engaging with the content you publish. It is better to have 1000 real followers than have 10000 fake followers who have no real impact on your content published.
This means you don’t really have support and weakens your social presence. To avoid this, it’s important to build a slow and steady network of real people.

9) Mistakes In Content

It is unprofessional to publish contents with lots of grammatical blunders. This does not speak well for such organization and hence demotes your brand loyalty and trust. It has been noted that it may affect your ranking on search engine result page ranking.

You can use a tool like Grammarly which will help you discover grammatical errors in your content as you type them or even with your editors, they can underline wrong words when you type such.
Always ensure the updates you published on social media pages are free of grammatical errors.

10) Use Of Poor Visuals

This is very important to note. In one of my post on this site, i stressed how important and relevant images are to contents. The use of visuals means so much in social media. Quality of visuals has a part to play in your content delivery on social media.

Most social media platforms are image driven. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest receives more engagement when images are attached to a post than just word content. Posts on other social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn also receive more engagement with the right use of images.

There are numerous image editing and creation tools out there. Tools like photoshop, corel draw that can be used or if it is online tools, there is pixlr , befunky to mention afew of the design tools online that are good for image editing and design.

11) Making It All about You

A huge mistake many businesses make is posting or hyping themselves without adding value to their audience. In real sense, let’s say a guy or a lady that goes on a date and the other partner keeps talking about him or herself, you know how annoying this can be.

That’s how it is in social media marketing too. When you talk about your news, your events, your products, etc. you end up annoying most people.
To succeed in social media, you not only have to speak the language of the audience, but you have to tell them what they want to hear.

The content that you post should be of high quality, of significant interest and be in line with the norms of the social network and your followers. Make it about them. Make it for them and fromthere, you will see a difference.

12) Lack Of Consistency

I observed a social media page (not just one, couple of social media pages to mention but a few) of a brand in which their last post was in 2014. I was surprised because this does not speak well for such a brand.

In essence, when you visit a platform or page that their last post was long ago, it makes your audience to lose that trust and dependence on your brand for info or content they need.
Lack of activity on social media could be misinterpreted by prospects. Ensure to be consistent with your social media updates. You can as well outsource content creation if you are not good at creating content.

13) Not Utilizing Social Media Advertisement

Do you know that with little budget, you can start advertising on social media platforms? By utilizing social media adverts and targeting the right audience, you will be able to reach more prospects with your products and services.


Reach on social media platform like Facebook has reduced. They expect you to utilize paid advertising to reach more people. When done right, social media advertising can help you reach a targeted audience fast and also attract more customers.


Social media marketing is a very powerful and effective media to reach the kind and amount of audience you want. You can achieve tremendous results if you are able to adhere to most of the points explained above.

When people complain of not getting results from their social media marketing efforts, they may likely be making some of these mistakes. I have been a victim of such too when i was just starting up my business though still a young business but there has been a competitive result so far.

If you can avoid most of these mistakes, there is full guarantee that you will make progress with your social media marketing.  Please remember to leave us a comment if you need any help or have additions. Thanks for reading and remember to share. Please like and follow our social media handles on the page.

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