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Marketing mistakes to avoid when using Twitter


It is important to note that when using social media networks for marketing, it can produce enormous results when properly implemented. Hence, today we are going to discuss Marketing mistakes to avoid when using Twitter.

When you use twitter without being strategic about it, you will fail. This brings us to ask the question if you are using twitter for marketing? If Yes, then this post is for you and here we will dissect the mistakes that you will need to avoid on twitter for marketing.

What are the twitter mistakes to avoid? Here are few points to note

1) No Strategy

You would have observed if you are current with my posts especially with online marketing that no online business can thrive without a strategy. There is need for an effetive twitter marketing strategy.

If you need to know how to develop twitter marketing strategies, here are few links to help you with that.

What to tweet basics by twitter experts

Developing a twitter marketing strategy tips

2)Posting from another social platform to Twitter

This is when you automate other platforms to post for you on twitter. You are too lazy or busy or nonchalant  to customize for each social media platforms and hence, you don’t want to do the work to customize your content for each platform. So you schedule your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn posts to tweet on Twitter.

This is what you potential audience or customer will see on your twitter:mistakes-twitter-other-platforms


You may be saving time. However, when you post from another account to Twitter, the impression you give is that you’re active on that other platform—not on Twitter.

3) Avoid Self Promotion

This is when all you do on twitter is to tweet about sales and you do not offer any value to people. This way you lose potential and even current audiences. Ensure to offer value to people to gain trust and loyalty then you promote your services. No one cares about your self appraisal, offer value and in turn you get results.

4) Tweeting promotional content frequently without offering Value

When you do not offer value through content, you will not get the desired results from your twitter marketing campaigns. You need to provide value with your tweets consistently.

It is true that you are on twitter to make sales but Twitter is about being social, not about selling. Most importantly, social media is about your customer, not about you.

Always remember that people want something valuable from you on social media and not to be frustrated by sales promotional tweets.

5) Lack of Consistent Brand Voice

It is important that your tweets depicts your brand and all you stand for. The lack of consistency may not be noticeable at first, but failing to identify and stick to a consistent brand identity can eventually have a negative impact. Read 5 steps to making your brand consistent

Your brand voice is all about the manner you communicate and write. It’s important you have a consistent brand voice that resonates with your followers. Ensure that your message (content marketing) is relevant to your brand and you are consistent always that way you will be taken serious online.


6) When you do not use Twitter Analytic Tool


There is need to measure the return on investment(ROI). Digital marketing is all about measurement of your results. Hence, there are analytical tools provided by social networks like facebook, twitter and the rest to mention but a few

The only way you can know the type of content your audience need is to analyze the performance of your Tweets. Certain questions like

How did your followers engage with your Tweets?

What kind of tweets did they liked, retweets and engage with most?

What time of the day are your followers more active on Twitter?

When you have acess to analytical data, it will help you plan your tweets and know the best time to tweet for higher engagement.

The free analytic tool on twitter will help you have access to all these data. There are social media tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite. that can help you with measurement too and this tools you can read from our previous post on such subject matter

7) Improper Use of Hashtags

Improper use of hashtags besides being ugly, makes it look spammy and your content maybe hard to read. Ensure you content is in line with your hashtags. You can’t use a hashtag related to sports and your content is about email marketing. There is no connection. You can only use such hashtags when your content has a little connection with it.

8) Not Optimizing Your Twitter Profile


There is need for a face or brand icon if you need to be relevant on twitter. It is a bad practice to leave your Twitter profile empty.  Not using images bad because people want to reckon with your images, logo or personal images.

You need to optimize your profile by uploading your picture if you an individual or your Logo if you are a brand. There is a need need to upload a cover image that communicates your brand, products or services to those visiting your Twitter profiles.

9) Making your account private

How can you be on a social network and private your account? I have witnessed it often times by some folks. This can be understood for individual account but for a business or brand, it is not a good practice.

For a brand to use Twitter for business, it simply connotes that you want to be social with others and having public conversations. Making your account private suggests otherwise.

10) Failure to Edit Your Tweet

It is important you note that most people online are judgmental. As a brand, you must ensure your tweets have zero or minimum grammatical mistakes. Before tweeting, ensure your content is properly formatted. You can use a tool like Grammarly to check and correct your tweet grammar in real time.

11) Do not Ignore Mention and Feedbacks

Social media is a networking platform for conversation and Twitter is not an exception. When tagged on Twitter, you need to respond if the mention requires your response.

When you  do not reply to mention and feedbacks on Twitter, you will not be seen as a brand with good customer relationship practice. Ensure you do best to respond to mention and feedbacks as soon as you can.


In Conclusion

According to statistics, over a million tweet are sent on twitter daily and with millions on people on twitter, it is relevant that you tap this market demand and grab the opportunity to letting your audience get what you offering them without making mistakes as highlighted above.

Hence, with proper and strategic tweets knowing the mistakes to avoid you will effectively make use of this network in delivering your content successfully to your targeted audience

On a final note, Has this content been helpful to you with your Twitter Marketing?

I will love to hear your view and contributions if any. Please remember to like and share.

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