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How to unlock your Android phone when you forget the password

This article is based on some of the problems most people go through. Today we are looking at how to unlock your smartphone when you forgot password. This process has a lot to do with the make of your smartphone (android).


You got a phone or using a phone and something somehow just made you password your android phone. After a while you discovered that when trying to enter the created password, orrrrr you found out that you have forgotten the password. You start trying different options and nothing seem to be working. Yeah, we are humans and prone to forget.

Well, not to worry because in this post I will show you how you can redeem your phone in few simple steps and you can thank me later when it works for you.

Why Passwords

Password is a way to prevent unauthorized entry to your device. When someone takes your phone and does not have the password, he simply drops the phone or ask for it and as such you will know who wants to use it and may or may not release the code.

Hence, for you to gain access to a password protected Android phone what you need to do is force the phone to forget its password.

The moment you by pass a phones password lock, what you do is that you making the device to erase all current info it has.

Information like your email, files, messages and the lock pattern will all be erased.

Don’t worry about your inbox though this process does not delete your emails, you simply have to log into your email accounts again once the process is over and your emails will re-sync to the phone.

Point to Note

When you enter numerous passwords or lock pattern on most android phones, it will display a message like ‘too many attempts’ and sometimes tells you to try again in about …..time depending on what the manufacturer of your phone has set.

So here are some things to try out as you try to by-pass the phones lock.

  1. Use Google sign in

To unlock, sign in with your Google account” message which should allow you to try logging into your phone using your Google account information.

But note, in a case you have forgotten your gmail account because most people just set up a Gmail account when they just got an android phone and because you do not need to always re-login every now and then, you forgot the either the username or your password.

Well there is a way to go round this problem.

If you have forgotten this information then there are some options available which may allow you to recover it and access your Google account once again.

For you to recover your information it is advisable to use a PC to go online and visit

You will get a message like “Can’t access your account?” or “Need help?” under your Sign in area. Click this link and you should see a “Having trouble signing in” message with a few options.

“I don’t know my password”,

“I don’t know my username”

“I’m having other problems signing in”.


The options above has been made to help you recover the lost username or password. The moment your account has been recovered you should verify that you can log into your Gmail account with your computer first.

If you can log into your Google account through a computer then you will be able to log it on your phone.

Note: Just in case you confirmed your Google account on a computer and sure that details were entered correctly on your cell phone but not accepted, all you need do is off your phone wait for a while and then reboot the phone and try again. The Google account information might not have updated and may be trying to verify using your original Google account information as opposed to what you just updated. Just a minor thing, do not be frustrated by such as it will be rectified after doing the former.

When you try this method and it works for you, then you may not need to read on to see what else you can try. Hence, congrats for you can start enjoying your android phone.

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2. Factory Data Reset

What you need to do to reset your password is to reset your phone. Now typically to reset an Android phone you would have to go into your settings and select the option to perform a factory data reset.

But now we can not access the phone due to the password required to gain entry to the device.

So this is what you can do since you can not do this from the phone settings>back up and reset>factory reset this depends on type of phone you are using. For me , I use infinix and that is how the layout is.

If you cannot unlock or access the content of an Android phone then the best thing to do is a hard reset.

The major thing the hard reset does is to restore your phone to the factory data reset on the device without having to navigate or access the phones settings.

This will make your phone look like it was when it was brand new.

Now we are going into the major part of this post, which is how to perform a hard reset since you have no access to such phone due to password requirement.

Be informed that all current information on the phone will be lost but if you have some info on your external storage like SD card, just remove it before you proceed.


To simplify this, i will use enumerate the process. You need to power off the phone first before undertaking these steps.

  1. Press And Hold The Power Button and with some button combination I will tell you of now.
  2. For most phones, just press and hold the power button and the volume down button simultaneously. For other types of android like the ones fixed below

2,1 Samsong device; volume up, home and power buttons pressed and held together.

2.2 Nexus device; volume up, volume down and power buttons pressed and held together.

  • There are some phones that use physical user interface and for such you may use the power and home buttons.
  1. The next thing is to wait till you get the droid logo to appear.
  2. droid-process Once this is done, you get a kind of message like below. Scroll to wipe date/factory reset. Use the volume buttons to scroll through the menu options.

Press the power button to select the option.

  1. Scroll to where you have “yes— delete all user data” and confirm with the power button.
  2. Once you choose this option, the process begins, just wait until it is done.
  3. Once done, just follow the dialogue to set you phone to your preference. Enjoy


If there is still need for you to lock your phone with password or screen lock pattern, please endeavor to memorize your codes to save you stress of repeating these rigorous process.

I also recommend you keep a copy of your Gmail account as well for backup and restore purposes.

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  1. Cant unlock my phone ask for privacy protective password tried hard reset still asking for same password. Energizer 400 please help

  2. Brighton Moyo says:

    I have a chinese sony (tigno) dual sim requiring privacy protection password. I tried hard reset but it shows chinese language. How do i remove the pasword

    1. Kindly involve the use of GSM alladin or if you can chat me up below, i may walk you through it

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    I need to reset my phone from this blog I read each step and now my phone is rooted thank you for help me to solve my problem keep sharing buddy

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    I APPLIED THE #mima# and the #unlock# but both didint work to unlock my privacy protectin password.
    Can I have another option?

    1. Yes you can
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      or you use the miracle box method and follow the steps there
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