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How to promote business with facebook ads


If you’re a local business and want to get more reach or people, then you need to know how to promote your business with Facebook ads. You can target your promotions on Facebook and Instagram to people near your business.

Wondering how to drive leads and customers to your business? Then stay tuned to this fantastic post on how to promote your business with Facebook ads

If you own a local business, you probably seek the same thing every entrepreneur and marketer seeks. What is that? Profit. That’s the end result, this can be frustrating when you start and not doing it well.

Business owners face is the problem of complexity in digital environment, which has already changed the face of business over the past few years.
In today’s competitive marketplace, you must seek to extend your “digital arm” and improve your brand’s visibility and reputation. How can you achieve that? To say a few, you have to build a successful online presence.

Let’s distinctly look at the trends of today and you will notice that social media is now the most significant opportunity that you can depend and capitalize on to expand your customer base.

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How do you get a content promoted or sponsored on facebook?

This is a summary of the process but read on for full details of how to promote business page.

  • Get started. Go to the post you want to promote. This can be a new post or an existing one on your Page’s Timeline. …
  • Choose your audience. Next, decide who you will like to see your post: …set demography depending on certain conditions… Luckily this has been added by Facebook to make easy even for a lay man to do
  • Choose your budget. Set your maximum budget.

Let’s say you have a Facebook page and have already made some contents because its bad to promote an empty page or with very few content as this may put people off.

It has been said by Facebook that businesses should possess a page so as to enjoy full business functionality features that is embedded in the Facebook page. So we shall see some ways to promote your page to reach wider areas

Creating Facebook Ads on Your Facebook Page
First, we’ll look at the ads you can create as an admin from your Facebook page itself.

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1. Promote Your Page

When you go to your Facebook page, the first ad opportunity you’ll see is to Promote Your Page in the left sidebar where you see the number of Likes your page has or from a phone like I used in this post. I had to screenshot it for you to see for better understanding.


You will get option to preview how you want the ad to look like in the news feed for desktop users & mobile users.

At this point, Facebook uses your default page’s name, short description, and cover photo for the ads you wish to run. You may need to change these prior to advertising if you do not want the default options.
Alternatively, you can click on the settings wheel icon beneath the preview & select Advanced Options to configure your ad with customized text & an image in the Facebook Ads Manager.

To the right of your ad preview, you’ll see your targeting options. Like I said earlier, Facebook has made it easy for anyone to run a Facebook page ads with or without prior knowledge.

It is simple & include location, interests, age, and gender. Under these, you’ll be able to set your budget & schedule the duration of your ad’s run time.

Once you’ve configured these options, you can click Promote Page to conclude the whole Post.

2. Boost Post

Anytime there is a new post for your Facebook page, either directly on the page itself or using tools like buffer , you’ll get the option to boost your post to a larger audience using the Boost Post button at the bottom right of each post. See how it show from a phone view.

Now this is a part of how Facebook shows you slides of post in your page to boost. Also they can show it to you on individual post. See example of a post I did during the #cocacola world cup tour. You will see the boost post icon below to the right of the post.


The ad will use the exact text & image you used when you posted it to your page.
To the right, you’ll be able to target your ad by location, interests, age, and gender.


Below the boosting page, you’ll be able to set your budget & schedule the duration of your ad’s run time.

When you click this option, you’ll get to preview how your boosted post will look in the newWebsite

After checking and you are satisfied, you can click the submit button for Facebook to review and if you met their cs conditions of service. Wow!!! Your ads successful, will be displayed to all according to the demographic settings you chose.

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3. Promote Website

If you have included a website link in your Facebook page’s About box, you’ll have the option to promote your website link using a Facebook ad.


When you click this option, you’ll get to customize your ad text & image, then preview how your ad will look in the news feed

Once you’ve configured these options, you can click Promote Website to submit your ad to Facebook for review.

Now if you don’t want to go through these methods highlighted above, you can use the Facebook ADS MANAGER

Creating Ads Using the Facebook Ads Manager

The process highlighted above has been made easy to be configured from your facebook business page directly. The ads manager gives you the ability to customize and target your ads to reach a higly specified types of audience.

To start, you’ll click the green Create Ad button in your Facebook Ads Manager. This will present you with the following ad options to choose from based on your goal.

Depending on the ad type you choose, you’ll get various options when it comes to customizing the ad creative.


For example,when you choose Clicks to Website or Website Conversions, there are images that connect to your Facebook page (required if you want to have the option to display your ad in the news feed), customize the headline and text, add a call-to-action button, and link your ad to a specific conversion pixel for conversion tracking.


You would have noticed that the creation of ads from your page is easy because you have options displayed to you like, target by interests, location, age, and gender which are your  demographic settings. In the Facebook Ads Manager, so many options are availed to you

1. Custom Audience Targeting

To start your ads campaign, you need to have an audience list, here you create your target. You specify the particular segment of people you want.

If you have a mailing list, you can import into the ads manager.


the beauty about the Facebook ads is that with the use of Facebook pixel, you can track website visitors and set other goals which you which to achieve from such site if you run a or an e-commerce site and want to track particular web page or post.

When you start, the whole process is a form of dialogue which ask you what and what you want to do.

2. Targeting More Demographics


In the targeting of audience based on demography, you have advanced options in the Facebook Ads Manager so as to reach more audience..

For businesses, this can help a lot as it provides you the option to reach more people by filtering or adding more to the target ad for audience.

this option has been narrowed down to a user’s job titles, education level, fields of study, relationship status, industry, net worth, home ownership, ethnicity, parental status, political views, and latest life events.

3. Behaviors


This is based on factors similar to some consumer behaviors. Behavior targeting is based on purchase behavior or intents, device usage, and other factors.

These behaviors are not limited to how someone spends, what they clicked on the site, which page has more view or ads were clicked.

4. Audience Insights


The beauty of any social media or digital marketing tool is the ability to provide you with audience insights. Hence, Facebook Ads Manager provides this function to help you in selecting the type of audience to target during your advertising campaign.

When you are on the insight page, you wold be able to analyze how people interacted with your page as well as the custom audiences you created.

To learn more on Facebook insight, click here

5. Facebook Ads Reporting

For Facebook ads manager reporting, please click here to learn more. For you to measure results, you can click here to know how successful your campaign is going.

Reviewing Ad Analytics

The analytic is to help  see, analyze, measure and know what to do or not to do in the process of your ads. The beauty is that you can  review the results in your Facebook Ads Manager. To better understand Facebook analytic, see this guide by Adespresso.

Several data are made available and these include the ad’s current status, the results based on your previous ads goal,the  cost per engagement, number of reach, and total amount that has been spent.


Facebook Ads Manager has a collection of advertising options embedded into it that would suit any business, in addition to an in-depth way to set your target audiences.

It will be observed that the use of social media to increase brand awareness and visibility can not be over emphasized. Facebook has been known to help lots of businesses reach more people and grow. the use of Facebook ads to sell has been of huge advantages to local businesses as it has helped them to increase sales and reach more people.

Feel free to try it out and see your business grow.

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