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How to fix “Unfortunately the has stopped working”

how to fix android errors

This problem “Unfortunately the has stopped working” is one that can be frustrating when you start noticing it as you may not be able to perform any task without this poping up on your screen thereby disorganizing your operation on such device.

If not taken care of, some functions like your dialer  when you wish to check maybe account balance or perform task requiring a USSD code and as it is in action, you get “Unfortunately the has stopped working” and as such the operation will be truncated.

Most times when you get the error message “Unfortunately the has stopped” it may be after you installed a new ROM or updated your firmware.

The good news is that there are a couple of ways to fix it. These i will share with as they are tested and trusted methods which i have used as you know i post what is working and helpful.

Most cases, this error message can be triggered by the phone or SIM toolkit application. So, when you are constantly getting this “Unfortunately the has stopped” error, then try these processes.


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1. Clear Cache and Data of the Phone App

This option you can find on your device from Settings. Navigate to where you have Apps and select this option. Select the All tab so that all the apps on your device will be displayed as shown below. Scroll down until you see “Phone” or an option similar to it.

Tap it, once you are this, select the “Clear Cache” option. If the problem persists, ensure to repeat the steps and include “Clear Data” in your actions. Once done, Reboot your phone.


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2. Clear Cache and Data of the SIM Toolkit

After you performed the steps in 1 above, To clear the cache and data of the SIM toolkit, Repeat the steps shown above. But this time, choose SIM toolkit from the list of apps displayed under the All tab.


3. Use Custom Recovery

This process may be a bit complex but easy as it requires you to download AROMA file manager Install the AROMA file manager from XDA website. With this you can delete the cache or temporary folder of “Phone” as well as the SIM toolkit app. Always remember to Reboot your device for the changes to take effect.

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4. Do a Factory Reset

I normally do not advice this method as a first course of action because in doing this, you risk losing files and other stuffs you have on the phone as this will turn the phone to new like when you just got the device. So backup your data before undertaking this step.

To perform a Factory Reset, there are two ways this can be achieved. Either through your phone settings> Backup and Reset > Factory data Reset. The other way is to shut down your device normally. Wait for a while and then hold down the Volume Up, Home and Power keys altogether until the phone vibrates.

Once it vibrates, let go of the Power key but still holding on the rest of the aforementioned keys. The moment the Android logo shows up on your phone, let go of the held keys. Follow the dialogue as shown or read post on this here, backup and do a Factory Reset.


After you try these steps, there is no improvement then you need to contact your phone manufacturer. If you find this help, please leave a comment below and if you have issues feel free to contact through the medium below and you surely will get a reply.

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