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How To Convert PDF to Excel Online for FREE

You can convert PDF to Excel online easily. All required is to drag and drop for tool to scan it automatically. Wait for pdf tool to reconstruct the file to Excel format. Download the converted file to your computer.

How To Convert PDF to Excel Online for FREE

Innovation in technology has made life easier for everyone. The tasks that took several days to be completed (posting a mail) are now accomplished in a few seconds (via email). Similarly, many other tasks have been replaced with efficient utilities that take no longer than a few seconds to provide the users what they are looking for.

To convert files from one file format to another is a top requirement for people these days as they aim to provide the documents to the recipient in a format that is best suitable for him/her. Another reason for the conversion of files is the feasibility to edit them.

Among all of the file formats, PDF is the most widely used file format as it is an open standard. The PDF files can be accessed on any device without facing compatibility issues. Despite their easy visibility, PDFs aren’t facile to edit. But, the free PDF converter apps and tools have got you covered, as with their assistance, you can convert PDF to excel and other formats in a matter of seconds.

Apart from PDF, Excel is another file format that is extensively used worldwide for data entry work, accounting, budgeting, and many other purposes. If you have spreadsheets or important financial data stored in PDF and need to edit it, there is no need to worry.

Best Free PDF Conversion Apps And Tools

You can use a free PDF converter to convert PDF to excel online for free. Let’s dig into the best free PDF converter apps and tools that can be used for the conversion of PDF files to Excel format.

1. Free PDF Converter for Mobile Users

Having an easy PDF converter app on our mobile devices is what most of us would desire instead of scanning for a PDF to excel converter on the web. Content Arcade Apps is providing the best free PDF converter app for both iOS and Android users.

This PDF file converter makes it easier for users to transform their files in other formats without putting them into any sort of trouble. This app provides its users a PDF to excel conversion tool, and alongside it, it also offers 20 other tools for file conversion.

To convert your files with this app, you need to open the app, select the required conversion, select a document from your device’s storage, and hit the convert button. After processing and converting your file, the app will provide a download option.

By tapping on the download button, the converted file will be saved on your device in a blink of an eye. Your PDF will be transformed into Excel by this app without making any changes in the formatting of your document.

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2. Free PDF Converter for Desktop Users

The internet is flooded with online tools, and if you wish to use them instead of installing an app, then you must choose the best available platform. You can find the best PDF to Excel converter tool on the following platforms.

1. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is the best online platform with free PDF converter tools. You can access PDF to excel converter on this at any time day without any restriction. This tool allows you to convert as many files as you desire. You don’t have to get yourself registered for using this amazing utility.

Moreover, this smart tool allows its users to convert multiple PDFs in a single click. After accessing this tool, you can upload the files from your device’s storage or drag and drop PDFs to convert them to Excel. It’s 100% free of cost tool that provides high-quality conversion.

2. IlovePDF

It’s another online option for people to convert PDF files to excel. This website provides top-notch free PDF converter tools that allow you to merge, split, lock, unlock, rotate, and compress PDF files. The best thing about this platform is its security for the users.

While converting files with this tool, you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your confidential documents. The files that are uploaded by the people get automatically deleted from databases after the conversion is completed. Just like the above-mentioned site, this site doesn’t put users in the hassle of getting registered for using this utility.


These are the best ways to convert PDF to Excel online for free. You can gain access to a free PDF converter app or tools for the conversion of PDF files in any format and vice versa. The security of the users’ data remains the utmost priority of all the resources mentioned above; therefore, you can start converting PDF to XLS without any hesitation.

No special training or skills are required for using the free PDF converter app and tools. By following a few easy steps, you can transform your documents from PDF to XLS format without paying a penny.