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How to connect xender to your laptop (PC).


Now i will show you all the steps involved in using xender to share anything between your phone and your pc. Just take a sit, get some drink as i take you through the process with ease on How to connect xender to your laptop (PC).

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This is one fun method people didn’t even know about. I was with a friend and needed to receive a file from him, i had no cable to receive it on my laptop and i was disappointed then he suggested that since Xender is a file sharing app.

It may be able to share with it. So we explored and it worked and since then, i have stopped carrying a USB cable around. Any file sharing, i trust my xender app and say thanks to the developer of such an amazing app.

There are two simple ways to connect your xender to pc:

  1. Use of Hotspot method.
  2. Use of QR code to connect xender to pc

Use of QR code to connect xender to pc

Step1: Open xender and chose the plus (+) sign on the top right of your phone as shown below.

Step2: From the list of items dropped down from the + sign, select connect pc.

using qr code xender pc

Step 3: Open on your browser on your PC (laptop, desktop). This will open a QR scan interface as shown below.

xender QR code to pc

Step4: From your phone, a QR scan interface will be displayed to enable you scan the QR displayed on your web browser on the PC (laptop).

xender to pc connection

Step4: Once the scan is done, you will get a pop up notification or message prompting you to accept the process and voom… your phone will now be synchronized with your PC. Now you can see everything on your phone with your system and thus you can exchange data between your android phone and your Pc.

Another way is the use of hotspot method as shown below.

How to connect xender to your laptop (PC) using Hotspot Method

Step1: First thing is to download the xender app from google play store on your Android (SmartPhone) so that you can be able to start using this app or click here for android download from playstore

Open your xender and click/tap on the cursor like symbol at the bottom right of your phone screen as shown in the image below. If yours is not like the image below? You can upgrade your xender to latest version from play store.

how to connect-xender to pc

Step 2: Once you have executed step 1, an interface will pop up like the one below, click/tap on PC/mac.

how to connect-xender-to-pc2

Step 3: Another interface will pop up, click on the hotspot symbol by the side of your screen as indicated below.

how to connect xender to pc3

Step 4: On your Pc, turn on your wifi, search for the hotspot and connect. The hotspot name should look like this Xender_Ap46d5

how to connect xender to pc4

Step 5: Now on your PC open a browser, preferably UC-browser or chrome and enter this code at the address bar. and then press enter.


Step 6: After opening the address, you will see a pop-up message on your phone prompting you to accept the process.

Your android should now be successfully synchronized with your PC.


This is a best way to summarize how to connect xender mobile to PC. The beauty about this method is that it can be used to share all kinds of documents consisting of games, motion pictures, video clips, and PDF, Zip as well as other APK documents. It works much better compare with Bluetooth, it allows group sharing alternative to transfer files for 4 people.

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