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How To Block A Program From Accessing The Internet In Windows

you know how to block a computer program from accessing the Internet

For those that are users of different programs and do not want it to access the internet because of license or key issues. This post will help you know how to block a computer program from accessing the Internet, or you may want to temporarily disable your computer access so that you can get work done without being distracted.

The easiest way to disable internet access, regardless of the operating system, is to remove the network interface hardware from the computer, or disconnect the computer’s LAN cable or wireless network.

For application users ( I mean people like web designers, graphics designers, editors and so on that uses different apps), Most of the time we want our applications in use and also we want to prevent such an application from connecting to the Internet for numerous reasons which some of you can relate to.

Why Do I Want To Prevent Application From Internet?

There is the situation where you might have an application that keeps updating itself automatically and these updates you do not desire and as such you want to stop them. This I do often times because some applications can be annoying when they start to update and this occupies space and consumes internet.

Sometimes you might have an app like corel draw software that is working fine and the moment you use it online, this just starts asking for key and other registration questions (if it is unlicensed). There are so many reasons and you may share in the comment section of this post so we may share it here.

No matter the reason why you may want to stop a particular program from accessing the internet, you may have been searching for a solution but do not know how, well this is the answer to your quest.

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How to prevent a program from connecting to the Internet:

Method one

Use of Windows Firewall Rule

[bctt tweet=”In the world of computer firewall protection, a firewall refers to a network device which blocks certain kinds of network traffic, forming a barrier between a trusted and an untrusted network.” username=””]

Click the windows button or from start up menu, go through the control panel. For me I just type “Windows Firewall” with Advanced Security. This will give me the option of the Advanced security. This way is faster and easier no matter the type of operating system you are using. (windows 7, 8 or 10)

Alternatively from the Control Panel and select “Windows Firewall.” In the “Windows Firewall” window, click the “Advanced Settings” link on the left.


Look at the image below and try to locate the Outbound rules. Select the “Outbound Rules” link.


You will be shown two columns, the pane on the right has Actions, under it there are some actions and select the  “New Rule” to create a new rule for outbound traffic.


In the “New Outbound Rule Wizard,” confirm that the “Program” option is selected, and then click the “Next” button.


AT this point, you will see the screen with “Program”. It has a path which involves you to choose the route of the program. A sample of a program blocked shown below so you can see how corel draw was blocked.


On the “Program” screen, select the “This program path” option, and then type (or browse for) the path to the program you want to block. But, don’t click “Next” just yet.


When you use the “Browse” command to select an EXE file, Windows defaults to using what are known as environmental variables if the particular path includes a given path portion represented by one of those variables.

For example, instead of inserting C:\Users\Steve\, it will swap that portion for the environmental variable %USERPROFILE% .

For some reason, despite the fact that this is the default way it populated the program path field, it will break the firewall rule. If the file you have browsed to is anywhere that uses an environmental variable (like the /User/ path or the /Program Files/ path),

You have to manually edit the program path entry to remove the variable and replace it with the correct and full file path. In case that’s a tad confusing let us illustrate with our example program from above.

*   %USERPROFILE%\Documents\corelDRAW X7\App\corelDRAW X7.exe change to this

**  C:\Users\program\Documents\corelDRAW X7\App\corelDRAW X7.exe

When we browsed to the EXE file for our cotel draw x7, Windows plugged in the following program path information for the file, which was located in our Documents folder:

This file path is understood by Windows but not the firewall rule. Instead make it look as **

There an important thing I want to bring to your notice here, that is to know the difference between an EXE file and a Javaw.exe as this applies to software application that uses java examples are games. When you are blocking or choosing the program path, ensure to select the Javaw.exe in place of the lets say game.exe.

This is because the game.exe is just the launcher while the Javaw.exe is the one responsible for network connectivity to occur. That is why you need to know if it runs on java to use the right exe file.


The moment you’ve selected your application and confirmed the path option, go on to click the “Next” button. On the “Action” screen of the wizard, select the “Block the connection” option, and then click “Next.”


On the “Profile” screen, you’re asked to select when the rule applies. Here, you have three options:

  • Domain: The rule applies when a computer is connected to a domain.
  • Private: The rule applies when a computer is connected to a private network, such as your home or small business network.
  • Public: The rule applies when a computer is connected to a public network, such as at a coffee shop or hotel.

So, for example, if you have a laptop that you use at home (a network you’ve defined as private) and at a coffee shop (a network you’ve defined as public) and you want the rule to apply to both places, you need to check both options.

If you want the rule only to apply when you’re at the public Wi-Fi spot at the coffee shop, then just check Public. When in doubt, just check them all to block the application across all networks. When you’ve made your selection click “Next”.

The last thing to do is to name your rule. Ensure to choose a name to easily recognize it with later on. Mine is “Corel draw Block” to indicate which application we’re blocking. If you want, you can add a fuller description. When you’ve filled the appropriate information in, click the “Finish” button.


This will be enlisted at the top of the “Outbound Rules” list for your new rule. If you want to tweak or make adjustments, double click the option you created


This is far the easiest though technical but with calm and carefully applying the steps here, you will get it right. If you find this way too advance, you may try the other methods below.

How to Block a Program From Connecting to the Internet (Method Two)

  • Go to the Control Panel. Click the “Windows” key or the “Start” icon, then click on “Control Panel”
  • Click the Security Center.
  • Open Windows Firewall settings.
  • Select the “Exceptions” tab.
  • Un-check the program for which you want to block access to the internet.
  • Click “OK” when prompted.

How to Block a Program From Connecting to the Internet (Method three)

The Use of an internet-toggling app. This app helps to temporarily disable your Internet access, and not having to alter the firewall settings each time you go online. You can usually choose to disable all sites or just certain sites.

Toggle your Internet. Right click on the Toggle desktop icon. Choose “Run as Administrator,” and you’ll be instantly disconnected from the Internet. Later, when you need to reconnect, just right-click the same file and run as an administrator as before.

  • Internally, the script merely toggles the status of your Network Adapter (also known as the LAN adapter or Ethernet card) thus shutting down the Internet for you. If you were to disable or enable the Network Adapter manually, the steps would be Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> View Network Status -> Change Adapter Settings.

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Alternative Summary on how to prevent a program from connecting to the Internet: This is a conclusive summary of all written in method one above. Happy surfing

  1. From start menu, search for “Firewall” and select Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
  2. Choose Outbound Rules from the panel at the left.
  3. Choose New Rule... from the panel at the right.
  4. New Outbound Rule Wizard opens. This is really easy now:a. Select Program as rule type.b. Select the program’s EXE file.c. Choose Block the connection.
  5. Choose the profile this rule applies to. If in doubt, select all three.
  6. Add the descriptive name (you may want to delete this rule later).

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