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How SERP Tracking can be used to benefit your SEO strategy?


SERP simply means search engine result pages. SEO is essential if you really want your content on the web to be seen or heard about. Search engine result pages (SERP) is the way by which Google search engine displays the most relevant results on the search engine.

SERP has made it possible that when users on the web search for a query, it is easy to be led straight to their search with relative contents similar to such search query. The argument about search engine optimization been dead or not needed for ranking has taken a different dimension.

What is the importance of SERP to you?

The importance of SEO is to increase your ranking on search engine.
You will agree with me that if your webpage or blog post is not on the first page, second or third page, then such post is lost and i bet may never be seen or read by anyone on the web.

The use of SERP checker to know what keywords can be used to target your audience. There are various types of SERP checker software available on the internet and it helps in finding what your competitors are ranking for.


Importance of SERP

1. Beat The Competition

One major advantage of SERP is the use of seo tools to outrank your competitors. Once you can perform a keyword check and know what your competitors are doing, you can do a kind of SWOT analysis and know your competitors strengths, weakness opportunities and so on and use this to your own fire-arm.

2. Target your audiences:

SERP will help you aim at certain targeted keywords to use on your website which will effectively propel your brand(web/content) to top pages on search engines.
You can focus on creating a niche or target content which is geared towards your targeted market. SERP tools guides you so as not to use certain keywords which will not generate any result.
For instance, if you selling or into bakery. You should know that the words to use should be more tailored towards your targeted audience and help you remove any unnecessary keyword that wont generate traffic.

3. Be updated on latest trends

SERP can help you to know what is the latest trending in real time and how to use such for your visibility. Knowing which SEO tool to use will help you improve your search presence on google ranking and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and so on.

4. Track your ROI:

A major advantage of digital marketing is the ability to track or analyze anything or everything you do.
SERP helps you to be in front when users search for certain keywords you are ranking for and as such be seen.

Hence, the more people search and find you, the better your return on investment. When you get more clients online through SERP efforts you have put into your website, that shows that your efforts are yielding positively.

Companies and organizations spend lots of money in gaining top spots online. They spend more so as to stay on top because they know the importance of being in number 1 on search engine first pages.

When you put in a lot into online marketing and you are not getting results, then you need to go back to the drawing board and re-strategies.
Good tactics will help you stay on top of SERP and as such improve your visibility which is a factor for your ROI.

5. Improve local SEO


Interesting, a wonderful benefit of SERP is it’s relevance in ranking based on geographical locations. You can see this in how domain name affects seo.

SERP is helpful to small businesses because it will help them rank high within their locality. understanding of how geo-targeting of domain names affects SEO will be an added advantage for small businesses to rank high on SERP. You may need read how to optimise your website for local search

A well placed website ranking well within it’s locality will definitely gain more Return On Investment than any other within the location that is not ranking well on search engine result pages (SERP).

6. Improved judgement

Understanding SERP algorithms and tracking activities online will help you have a better judgment and taking swift actions when needed.
This is helpful to track performance and know what is working and what is not working.

Using SEO-toolcheckers can help better your judgement of SERP and this will help improve your ranking and better your online visibility.
Furthermore, you will know what you doing right and what you are doing wrong and how to respond to situations on the go.


We can conclusively say that SERP can take your business to the next level. it can guarantee high return on investment and improve your profit margin.
Also it can get you all the recognition you need. It guarantees you of online success.
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