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How does content marketing help for keyword rankings?

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In recent times Content marketing has been found to be a major factor of SEO. With high quality of content and optimum marketing you can get good and faster results in SEO.

Google takes the context of the content and give results accordingly, so there are more chances that if you have quality and informative content you can rank easily for your targeted keywords.

The major reason to create a content online in recent days is to be ranked high for quality content on search engine result pages SERP.

You have to note that the major means of generating traffic online is through organic traffic and this requires a lot of hard work and dexterity for you to rank among the top pages on SERP.

Paid traffic can be expensive and un-affordable for small or new businesses and you may not not cope online with the competition that is in online business now.

In doing content marketing, it is important i let you know that there are certain mistakes to avoid in content marketing if you are to get results and beat the odds of not generating traffic from this media called content marketing.

Relationship between content marketing and keyword

Now let us look at the relationship between content marketing and keyword. It has been noted that the two can be used to work together


You might ask how is this related? How can keywords in a content be relative to SEO, well the truth is that when you create a post or publish anything online, search engines need to be able to find it and read it so as to understand the content of your product or services

To do this they need content to crawl. Crawling content helps search engines to determine the kind of search queries your website should rank for, and whether it’s relevant to a user, based on their search query.

When you have a content online and it is being indexed to know if it serves the purpose a user it searching for. The moment your content is serving the purpose of it’s intended users, the higher the chances of it ranking high on SERP.


Keyword is a way search engine bots read and know at a glance what such content is about. keywords are is a useful tool for SEO. You must know that keyword stuffing throughout your website harms your chances of getting your SEO goals as you’ll face penalties from Google Panda.

[bctt tweet=”Google Panda is a tool that Google is using to curb those who love to create low-quality content, thin content, duplicate content, websites that lack authority, and websites with a high ad-to-content ratio. it’s one of Google’s major algorithm updates first rolled out in 2011.” username=””]

The moment you get it right with your content strategy and keyword, be sure that you won’t have problem of penalization from the Google Panda algorithm. This will also help you increase your organic rankings in SERP.

How Content Influences Ranking

A survey conducted by Cognitive shows some of the things that content Marketing can do and how it influences SEO as listed below.

  • A High Content Performance Will (Almost) Guarantee You a Top Google Position
  • Commercial vs. Brand Keywords: How Do They Correlate With Rankings
  • How Do Domain and Page Performance Influence Rankings
  • How Long Should Your Content Be to Get High Rankings
  • Defining a New Metric: Content Performance
  • How We Did the Research
  • How Can You Improve Your Content Performance Score 

They analyzed how content can influence ranking with their research which was conducted on over a thousand web pages and the result was enormous and i will love you to read and know more from them.

Ways to use content marketing to boost search ranking

I once wrote a post on understanding content marketing and this will show you the meaning of content marketing in case you are new to this and kind of wondering how did you get to this part without knowing the basics of content marketing. Well not to worry just follow the link to catch up on this.

Just a quick one, [bctt tweet=”Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. It ultimately aims to drive profitable customer action.” username=””]

Now you might have understood what content marketing is, let us now look at how content marketing can be used to boost traffic.

1. Fresh Rich Content

The importance of a fresh, rich quality and relevant content can not be over emphasized. I always stress this anytime i have opportunity to address questions in this direction on content.

Try organizing your content and establish it based on hierarchy (chronology of event) of information. This is to create understanding for the readers and make it easy search engines to index.

Outlining your content into key points and information objectives ensures that there is emphasis on certain keywords or points in the article.

Google has been noticed to love a site that creates fresh rich contents all the time and that is uniformly arranged based on sequence or information levels. If you create rich content, you attract more audience and as such it gets you more links. Such links improve your overall SEO, which in turn improves your rankings.

2. Lengthy Content

It also has been discovered that search engine like Google loves long forms of contents posted compared to short contents. They love interesting lengthy content rich with information.

The truth about this i observed myself apart from research was that some of my earlier post which were 500 words or a bit more were not doing well compared to my recent posts which i carefully researched and made lengthy with information that covers more and answers more questions than the former.

The image below buttresses this argument better as you can see post doing better are those with more than 1000 words or 2000 words do better.


You can see that long-form content is a key element in obtaining high rankings.

What ways to create Lengthy-word content?

  • Ensure to make a decision on a topic and elaborate it.
  • Create a compelling title as i have always stressed this.
  • Discuss the issue from every angle.
  • Provide as much detail as possible.
  • For tech or educative post try as much as possible to provide step-by-step instructions on how to do something.

You should never stuff your articles with words just for the sake of hitting a word count. Ensure to provide detail, in-depth clarity, and full info on a subject matter. Note that when you try to provide value in your content, it expands it’s length.

I have seen short contents that provide value and still ranked high but i checked and discovered such sites may have high Domain Authority and Page Authority. Also, sometimes pedigree of the author can be factored in. Just my assumption though.

3. Use of Compelling Headlines

Have you noticed that the first thing that compels you to read certain things online is the title or headline . For a news or any post, the moment the title is captivating, this can arouse the desire to know and prompt people to click the link.

A headline is usually the first thing we notice when accessing a search engine. [bctt tweet=”An online definition to headlines states that a headline should be valuable, relevant, simple, appealing” username=””]

If you are confused or do not know how to go about this, here is a tool to help you. [bctt tweet=”CoSchedule’s free headline analyzer can help you explore all the possible ways to improve your headline.” username=””] The moment you add your suggested headline, you receive a quick analysis, along with a score and tips on how to improve it.

4. Use of Quality images

You must understand that the use of images (Visual content) in post assures you better click rate or view than just rest. Even if it is just an image, it offers better ranking chances than no image used. Also it does not really matter if you pile or cluster your post with images, to me i think it is better to just use minimum of two images depending on post length and details you trying to pass across.

The images has to be of high quality which will be appealing to the eyes of your audience. Once you have a compelling image, try to make it relative to what your content is about so as to add more meaning and balance to the post.


Visual content has become an integral factor of importance on the internet.  It has been noted that people process an image faster than any written text. This quickly gets impression when used in a post and can be very powerful within the context of a page.

5. Correct choice of keywords

The use of keywords can be highly competitive in recent times. With the right target, you can be sure that you will be found online but i strongly advice the use of long-tail-keywords. Yes, long tail keywords guarantees better chances of ranking higher for search terms online unlike the short keywords.


Take for instance, the keyword “cake” can be highly competitive as this is a generic word and is widely used overtime. Imagine we narrow it down to something like “best cake in Lagos” or “chocolate cake without sugar” this is just to show you that anyone who uses the long tail word has a better chance of being seen or clicked for when such search terms are used than the one with just cake.

So this is a tool that i recently discovered and has helped me. Try it out and you will see huge difference.

6. User Experience and Content Relation

[bctt tweet=”User experience (UX) design is the process of creating products that provide meaningful and personally relevant experiences on the user.” username=””]

. As you can see, many people do not know how important this can be to modern times digital marketing. I will love you to read  USER EXPERIENCE AND HOW IT AFFECTS DIGITAL MARKETING UX, UI

A friendly website is one that is valuable, appealing, and functional. It is not ideal for your readers or audience to struggle with reading your contents or accessing them, and search engines expect the same from each page they crawl. The quality of content extends in this case to the page and how it helps the user experience with minimal effort.

The user experience can be from how the site loads, the page load speed, the use of fonts (type of font family), the use of images, colors and the rest of it that is smartly combined to deliver simplicity and uniqueness to such a content and this will in turn improve search engine interaction with your site and remember that search engines pays close attention to how readers visit and interact with your pages and post.


I saved this for last simply because it is useful and informative to help your readers searching for you through search engines but it is not an important factor to being ranked any more.

Formerly it use to be considered a ranking factor but no more as Google has advanced in its algorithm for ranking top on SERP.

At this point i trust you have created your content using proper keywords and formatting it. Next is to set up the meta descriptions and search engine preview content.

The meta description used to be 160 character summary of your page or post but now it has been increased to 230 characters or so. This guides and tells your readers what your content is about at a glance.

Look back to your outline for inspiration on constructing this description, and remember to include your keyword(s) within this element to improve the page’s overall SEO ranking.


There are numerous factors that can add to keyword rankings, but the ones in this post has been seen to have high effect and impact on getting traffic with content marketing in relation to SEO.

Putting your attention on these key areas should ensure that your content marketing is heading in the right direction while giving you the best chance of climbing in the SERPs.

Ensure that you do it right and you will get results as this will help you and i trust this post has been helpful. If this post relevant to your search? Please a comment below or for contribution, feel free to contact and i will reply. Thanks and please share using the sharing buttons below and by the side to help a friend who may need this post find it easily from your timeline.

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