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Email marketing tools for business

Email marketing tools that can be used by your business to achieve great success in your email marketing campaign.

As long as you’re using it right, email is still one of the most valuable and targeted channels for reaching your audience. It’s relevance and benefits can not be over-looked.

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With proper email marketing strategy, you can successfully promote your products/ services to reach goods, services, apps and so on through this media and record huge success. You can also communicate with your customers and deliver certain info about your service that can add value to them.


There is also apps for small businesses, the world is dynamic and as such evolving with technological advancement. All these is just to make life and business easier and convenient for both small and big businesses alike.

Why Apps For Small Businesses

Everything here is simply to make life easier and safe time. the reason for the inclusion of this topic why you need apps for running your business especially for small business owners whose budget are not much.

For start up businesses,  the use of apps and the email marketing tools are all to increase leads and generate more sales.  apps are to maximize productivity and save you time and money.

Then there are the scheduling apps which work as your assistant to help you set up meetings according to your schedule, with no back and forth emails. Business apps like these can save you valuable time and there by enable you to run other aspects of your business.

While there are a lot of apps available right now, selecting the right apps will depend on your requirements and budget. That is why it is better to think of all your requirements first and then go through our extensive list of business apps. Read more from Cloudwards to see these apps and their usefulness

Here are some of the best and cute email marketing tools to ensure you successfully deliver your campaigns.

1) Mail chimp

Mailchimp is a tool i use personally and i really love its features and some of its integration to other high tech apps and services like google analytics, facebook etc. It’s all business when it comes to collecting statistics,t comes to collecting statistics, sending emails and improving performance.


You can even send out surveys. It’s dashboard lays it all out clearly: import lists, create and send campaigns, and proceed to build your audience.

There is option to either build your audience or import them, you can work on building your campaign. There is the option to choose if everyone in your list gets the email or a specific segment only – the process is very easy to customize.

Creating a segment is simple, use filters to build contacts subsets, use previously created segments or cut/paste from a recipient email address list. The tracking options let you know who has opened the email messages and which campaign links receives the most clicks.

It has enhanced option that is linked to other sites like google analytics.  Though some of the features are limited to free-account users and open to paid subscribers. To use “auto-responders”, you must have a paid account – it is possible to automatically trigger specific responses or segment users based on actions they take. After sending out your emails, MailChimp allows you to integrate your social channels to post regular updates on Twitter and Facebook.


MailChimp offers free subscription for 2000 subscribers or 12,000 emails per month.  For unlimited account, the pricing starts from $10.

2) Sumo

Sumo is one of the most popular list building tools available on the internet. You need to sign up for free account on After signing up for your account, you just need to install Sumo WordPress plugin or paste a few lines of html code on your website. I have used sumo on one of my clients website for gathering/building their email contact lists.


There is various form of signup formit is a good tool that i can recommend for anyone. If you need help with this, feel free to contact me via any of the channels here.

3) LeadPages


LeadPages will enable you to create a powerful conversion focus landing pages that you can also use to collect email leads. Generate leads and increase revenue using the industry-leading landing page creator with accompanying suite of lead generation and opt-in tools. It is a very good tool that is credible and has standard.

4) Litmus

Litmus is a highly versatile tool. It can be used to test and track email. You can test your emails in traditional web-clients and also popular mobile devices like Android, Apple and Windows.


Litmus can be used to test for optimization on any device. You can test more than 40 clients and devices and with a mere click, Litmus can generate a test email to an address. Within minutes you’re going to see desired browsers, ISPs and devices.

Want your link testing stream-lined? Put the email through a landing page test and within minutes, you’re going to get an overlay of that email with complete results for every link. The ESP tracking report inserts a tracking pixel in your email and you get subscriber data such as how and where the email was opened, how much time the user spent time reading it, and if it was organically forwarded or printed.

Litmus comes with a free 7-day trial, while the premium version can be had for $399 a month, $149 for the Plus version, and $79 for the basic version.

5) Campaign monitor

This is a tool with Template Builder tool which ensures that all emails can be easily read on a mobile device in order to curb the possibility of missed opportunities due to emails displaying improperly.


Campaign Monitor can be used to make actual screens of your email design in popular email clients like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and host of others. This allows you to get your campaigns displaying properly in all email clients.

There is a provision for you to import your own HTML templates using the Campaign Monitor’s tags. Please do ensure you’re able to use its integrated template editor to edit and personalize content in future. It allows for variety of formats to be uploaded including Excel, tab delimited and CSV, you can also copy/paste content directly.

One of Campaign Monitor’s key strengths is the interface. It’s absolutely clutter-free and straight-forward.


They have two packages; basic one starts from $9 per month and the unlimited costs $29/month.

6) OptinMonster

Optinmonster is the best lead-generation plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create beautiful attention grabbing optin forms that convert well. It allows you to convert visitors into subscribers and customers. It enables you to create professionally designed optin forms without writing a single code.


Pricing: basic one starts from $9 per month and the pro costs $29/month.

7) Zoho

Zoho’s campaign process is divided into three sections: Basic Details where you select the campaign’s name and email details, Content and, The Audience.


Zoho has a very nice CRM which i use for my customer relationship management. It is a tool i so much admire because of its additional features. It is explanatory when you start using it.

Take advantage of user-defined tags by creating user-defined fields. Once you create a new field, you can create more powerful custom tags. The kind of custom fields and tags you create is governed by the type of products and servicing you’re offering.


The free test plan unlocks 2,000 subscribers/12,000 emails a month. Pricing starts with $5/month.

8) GetResponse

I have checked the services of getresponse and noticed that you can effectively maintain your contacts list and create professional-grade marketing campaigns with this awesome tool.

12. get response

The contacts section lets you add custom fields to contact lists and allows you to copy contacts as well as conduct searches.

It is also to note here that you can track how many subscribers view your emails, complain, unsubscribe or click on links. You will also know how many emails failed to arrive at their destination due to any given reason. You can also find out why people unsubscribed. This feature is pretty cool for your email marketing campaigns.

Clearly labeled data is displayed in pie charts and bar graphs. You can view a summary of results after sending out surveys.


They offer various packages depends on the number of subscribers, the basic starts from $15 per month with 1,000 subscribers.

9) Popup Domination

Popup-domination is a cool pop-up tool for building email lists. It can be set to a particular duration when you want it to pop up.

It is both a WordPress plugin and a standalone web application that enables you to place pop-up on your website.

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10) AWeber

I can not list all the email marketing tool available without mentioning Aweber. AWeber’s auto-responder tool is a great way to engage your customers. You get access to over 150 email templates to make the email design process hiccup-free.


Improve various business functions by integrating your email marketing account with other online services. If you happen to be using a service like Sales force, you can customize your account to automatically display which customers are subscribed to AWeber emails, and the emails they’ve gotten from you.


AWeber’s monthly plan goes for $19 and provides 500 subscribers, unlimited emails and a 30-day money back guarantee.

11) HelloBar

HelloBar is used for adding scrolling header bar on your website. It is a service for website that lets you design messages for your visitors.


It provides tools and features that ensure correct timing of email automation.


For the success of any business trying to build customer database, these tools make it easy to deploy pop-up forms and other email subscription forms that will enable you to start building email list through your website.

There is a host of other email marketing tool that are out there that are not covered in this article. Not like they are not good or known but i have listed the ones i know and have tested to see how they work. I took time out to research some other names and listed a few more below. You can try and see the one that suits your need and is easy for you to use.

Reach Mail. Target Hero. Mad Mimi. Cake Mail. Mailjet.  Flashissue.

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