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14 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


Email marketing has been around for a long time now. It is one of the best ways small businesses can reach more people. A good email marketing strategy can help business owners convert new customers and be on the mind of existing customers.

There are some email marketing tools that can be used for list building and sending email campaigns easily without hassles.

Having issues converting with your email marketing strategy? Here are the top email marketing mistakes that is harming your email campaign strategy.

Here is a list of Mistakes to avoid in Email Marketing Campaigns

1. Boring Subject Lines (Header)

This can be said to be one of the most important part if an email campaign will be successful. A survey showed over 50% of customers are compelled to open their emails if the subject line is catchy. See email subject lines that can boost open rates.
In the world of email, your subject line is your first impression.
It is a general rule to keep it casual, conversational, personal and, above all, creative.

2. Failure to customize the preview text.

preview text on laptop

The preview text is the text that shows in the recipients’ email inbox.This can also be called the pre-header text.
It can be optimized strategically with catchy lines as this will show up just after your subject line.
Your preview text is a great opportunity to include secondary messaging to a short, attention-grabbing subject line
Most email marketing platforms include a place for you to customize your preview text.

preview text on mobile display

3. Your emails aren’t mobile friendly.

If you fail to optimize your email for mobile users, then you making a big mistake. According to survey, it was shown that the number of opens or searches on the web are done from mobile devices.
If your newsletter doesn’t load on mobile devices, or is formatted in a way that’s hard to read, readers won’t take your email seriously.
Always ensure that your images, videos and email size are compatible with mobile devices so that targeted customers can open your emails on their mobile devices.

4. Poor Content or Design.

According to campaign monitor ” remember: Your sending reputation is one of the most important factors in email deliverability and one of your most valuable assets.

Understanding that your content choices, the quality of your lists and the results of your campaigns all factor into your sending reputation is the first step towards improving your email deliverability.”

5. Not using a reputable email service provider

You need to understand that your email marketing success depends entirely on the email marketing software you choose to use because they are responsible for making sure that your emails actually get delivered.

Care has to be taken here so as not to choose a bad email service provider. You may be paying a lot more money for fewer features and terrible email deliverability rates (Which gives low ROI).

6. Balance your text and images

Images and videos have been known to convert more than just text. Ensure to use high quality images and optimize it so as to load fast on your audience devices.
It was observed that email campaigns with quality and appealing images perform better. Hence, the need to maintain a balance. Use text where necessary to deliver your context with images.
It is recommended to use alt text for images. (the text that is shown when images are turned off)

7. Not adding the unsubscribe option

It is a good practice to allow people unsubscribe from your mailing list. if you do not add an unsubscribe link, this could lead to spam complaints and can adversely affect your sending reputation.
Giving people control over their emails by providing a clear unsubscribe option is paramount in ensuring your campaign doesn’t get unnecessary complaints.

8. Lack Of Personalization

This is one of the most common mistakes made mostly by people. Imagine starting an email with “hey” or “hello.” This practice often leads to emails ending up in the trash.

sample of personalized email campaign

When you address or personalize your emails with customers details, it somehow feels familiarising with such customers.
People want to buy from brands that they know, like and trust. A personalized email message will get more open rates than one that was not.

Try ask your subscribers for more info like names, age or location so that you can also deliver personalized mails to them.

Ensure to include personal information about the sender of the email. This personalizes your campaign and helps to improve open rates.
Do not use as a sender email option.
When i receive emails from brands i know like Jumia, Hubspot, mailchimp and some others, i open them because i am familiar with them. But if i see a or any un-personalized email from sources i cannot identify, i just delete without a second thought.

9. Not Segmenting Your List

It is a good practice to create an email segment list. You can create a segments based on certain email activity or attributes.
You may create segment on activity like Those who opened or did not open a particular campaign.
You can create based on those who did not open, who clicked or who did not click. With segments, you can target each customer in a way that might influence a response.
By segmenting your email lists, you can deliver the perfect message to that group of customers.

10. Lack of consistency in Email campaigns.

Have a content management system and schedule your email messages.
Do not send emails sporadically to your subscribers as this can frustrate them.
Develop a sending frequency for your e-mail campaigns.
Ensure to be consistent with the contents you sharing during email campaigns so that your subscribers knows what to expect from you (your brand) which in turn can create the intent for them to open your E-mail campaigns.

11. Sending too many email campaigns to recipients

Do not annoy your recipients by flooding them with emails. From experience i discovered that too many emails without frequency and strategy can be annoying and lead to increase in the number of unsubscribe from your mailing list.

12. Unclear call-to-action copy

The reason for any marketing message is to get a response. A strong subject line to entice readers to open your email.
You need offer something to gain their interest. A clear call to action (CTA) to get them to click.
Ensure that your audience understands the action you want to take in your email marketing campaigns.

13. Skipping Email Analytics

The beauty about digital marketing is the ability to measure whatever you doing online. There is need to measure the performance of your email campaigns.
Whenever you send out an email newsletter, take time to measure the performance like how many recipients opened it, which links they clicked, if they forwarded it and so on.
From the analytics, you will be able to dictate the trends of your email campaigns.
Do your readers seem to like a particular type of content more than the other?
Is the open rate higher or lower when you send it in the afternoon as opposed to in the morning?
It is recommended that you monitor these tendencies and adjust your email marketing campaign accordingly.

email marketing metrics

Another reason to measure results of your email marketing campaigns is for example, if you suddenly lose a bunch of email subscribers, you may look at the most recent campaign you did to see what could have gone wrong Or, if your click-through-rate increased, you’d want to figure out why and how to repeat such successful messaging style or format.

14. Adding wrong email footer information

Do not include unnecessary information in the email footer. Add an unsubscribe option that doesn’t need a logging in. Also add social media buttons so as to make it easier for recipients to follow you on social media.
A link to your privacy policy which is in compliance with the GDPR regulation.
Other disclaimers if necessary, e.g. when you are promoting a contest.

To wrap up,
A lot of people make these email marketing mistakes. In this post, i highlighted the major mistakes in email marketing campaign.
I learnt from experience and experimenting on what works and what doesn’t.
Hence, came up with the 14 email marketing mistakes you need to avoid.
Trust this post has been helpful. Kindly like and share.

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