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5 proven ways to get quality backlinks


A survey conducted by Google Search Quality Strategist showed that the two most important signals for ranking websites during searches are Link Building and Quality Content. Building backlinks is a form of off-site SEO practice where other sites link back to your site. Usually, we shouldn’t have control over this form of SEO practice but fortunately, we do. 1415

How does content marketing help for keyword rankings?

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In recent times Content marketing has been found to be a major factor of SEO. With high quality of content and optimum marketing you can get good and faster results in SEO.Google takes the context of the content and give results accordingly, so there are more chances that if you have quality and informative content you can rank easily for your targeted keywords.The major reason to create a content online in recent days is to be ranked high for quality content on search engine result pages SERP.You have to note that the major means of generating traffic online is through organic traffic and this requires a lot of hard work and dexterity for you to rank among the top

See Mistakes you must avoid in content marketing


Today we are going to look at the mistakes you must avoid in content marketing if you want to be successful in this field.One of the things i have always laid emphasis on in digital marketing is content marketing. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways for a brand to market itself. It’s the mode through which you can convince your audience to take action and guide them towards a specific goal. 297

Driven ways to attract Customers through Content Marketing


Let's look at the proven ways to attract Customers through Content Marketing. We have been talking about content as being the live-blood of any digital marketing scheme.This is not new but it is a core that if not done well, will cause you not to get results. It must be noted that it’s definitely not a marketing strategy that you have to be a specialist to understand.This has been in existence from time immemorial. This you will notice from the advent of magazine, newspaper, blog, TV station, and book publisher with the things their articles and program consist of. This is content and these folks are basically content marketers.Are you looking to attract prospects, convert them to customers and

Understanding content marketing


Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. It ultimately aims to drive profitable customer action.Content marketing is an umbrella term covering a set of strategies, techniques, and tactics to fulfill business and customer goals by using the most relevant content to serve, attract, convert, retain, and engage customers. Content uses blogs, podcasts, video, and social media sites as a vehicle. It's a practice now being used by 86% of businesses today. However, effective content marketing is not so easy to find.- by [digital marketing tutorials] 43

Mobile Marketing relevance to business


What is mobile marketing?Mobile marketing is the act of promoting your products brand or services through carefully and systematically designed campaigns for delivery to cell phones, smart phones and other handheld devices, usually as a component of a multi-channel campaign.Mobile Marketing Components:SMSMMSApp basedWe are going to talk about SMS due to its importance and relevance in this part of the world.READ digital marketing importanceSMS (Short Message Service) MarketingOn average, SMS messages are read within four minutes, making them highly convertible. You cannot neglect mobile marketing. Almost everyone checks their SMS messages.The best thing about this channel is that it does not involve the use of data or internet to deliver to such phones other than mobile network. When you have your prospects and customers