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How To Backup Iphone to iCloud

Users of iphone have challenges in backing up their data, files and folders on their phone. This is unknown to majority of iphone users but today, I wish to show you how to backup your files on your iphone to the icloud easily.

Iphone has been seen as a phone of class. It is with some technical features and most of its files, data and so on can not be shared or backed up like your android phones where you can easily share apps, data, files and so on from user to user without stress.

Now i wish to assume that most of you do not understand the meaning of Icloud. Hence, will explain it first before moving further.

What is Icloud?

icloud is a storage space provided by Apple Company mostly for iphone users to store more of their files on cloud. These information stored on iCloud include:

  • Images or photos 
  • Videos 
  • Documents 
  • And other related files. 

You have to understand that Iphone is a smartphone that operates with an operating system called IOS.

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iphone on iCloud is a storage system that allow iphone to store your documents on cloud. Available for all iphone user’s to use by Apple Company. 

Now let us deal with how you can backup all your files, folders, documents, images, videos on the iphone to an icloud easily.

How To Backup Iphone On ICloud 

  1. First unlock your iphone
  2. Locate setting on your iphone, loks like a gear (⚙️)
  3. On your Setting Menu.
    Note Before you go further you must have sign-in to or create an iCloud account on your iphone before you can move to the next step. 
  4. Click on your account.
    how to backup iphone to icloud
  5. Lots of options will be displayed like name, phone number and Email password & settings, payments & shipping, Subscription, iCloud, iTunes & App store, Find my and lastly Set up Family Sharing
  6. Our focus is on iCloud. Simply click on iCloud.
    iphone backup icloud personal info
  7. A page which shows the list of what you can back-up to your iCloud on your iphone.
  8. ICloud storage Contain the list of everything you can backup on your iphone.
  9. Select items to back-up to your iCloud on your iphone .
  10. Tap Back Up Now and make sure you stay connected to WiFi (or having enough data) until the back up process has been completed.

You will notice that everything has been transferred to the cloud (which you can access from a desktop, tablet or phone with your login information), it’s recommended to set up routine automatic backups so that you never have to worry about your most recent photos and videos.

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