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35 Top Business Ideas In Nigeria For Students

business ideas for students in nigeria

This post is to help students in need of money and can not get loan due to one thing or other. Are you a student and think you can not make money while in school? Then you are wrong! In this post you will be exposed to ways to make money while studying.

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Here is a list of business ideas in Nigeria for you.

1. Tutoring

There are many parents in need of a teaching service for their wards. It cost nothing to start tutoring except your knowledge and energy. I did this when i was in the university. I paid my tuition fee from the day i entered school to my final year without any help from anyone. (Had no parents)

Home tutors

There are different ways to do this. you can get a space but this might require cash for rent but the best and easiest is to go into private teaching. Home tutoring is easier.

There two ways to be a home tutor as a student. Firstly, you may apply online. There are many websites you may apply to teach online and make money while schooling. Secondly, you may find parents and some schools you may advertise your service to.

To become a tutor, you can start offering services either online or to people you know. Choose a subject that you are really good at. You can be a subject teacher like English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Further mathematics are some of the hot subjects in high demand for special tutors.

2. Freelance Writing

This is for those that have flair for writing. Do you know you can earn big from writing. the art of writing skillfully and creativly to get the attention of your audience can fetch you money big time anywhere from around the world.

Are you a skilled writer? Do you enjoy writing articles and blog posts? You can become a freelance writer and register on the website for freelancers to start getting orders from various websites.

You can register on sites like freelancer, odesk, elance, fiverr to mention a few. these websites pay in dollars. All this you do from your comfort zone without stress of reporting to any office.

3. Selling Groceries (Provision)

You should understand that students need provisions. Trust me, buying some of these provisions and reselling does not require much capital. I will share my experience with you and some of my old school mates that know me can relate.

For instance, you bought a roll of tea (or milk) sachet which cost ₦ 400 for a roll(10 or 12 pieces) and you now resell at the cost of ₦50. you can see that you will be making some money from sale of each item.

Besides, once the students know they can easily get some basic items from you without stress, they keep buying from you without the stress of going to the market.

Recommendation: Get an air tight container to preserve your items and prevent damage from rats.

4. Zobo Drink production

Interestingly, Zobo is a drink that is loved by virtually everyone in the country. IF you can make a good and delicious zobo drink,be sure to rake in money on continuous basis.

After a hard day class / work, most people love a cool drink and considering the health benefits of zobo, most people prefer to buy it than soft drinks.

Zobo business is one of the cheapest business you can start with very low capital as most of the ingredients are cheap and readily available in our local markets.

5. Cooked Noodles (kiosk)

This was done by a friend of mine during my school days. It is a business can be done after school. in fact most people prefer eating noodles in the evening when they are about to close their day to day activities.

noodles in kiosk

My friend would set up her kiosk and people patronized her, she was living large during school as she was not dependent on anyone for money. Imagine when you get a noodle of ₦45 and you prepare it for a customer at the cost of ₦80 and the frying of egg which cost ₦30 can be prepared for customer at the cost of ₦60 or ₦70/egg. The bigger the noddles, the higher the cost of preparation. And some have fixed price for preparation.

Requirement For Noodles Business:

  1. Gas/Stove
  2. Table to display various sizes of noodles.
  3. Crate of eggs
  4. Vegetable oil, pepper, vegetables, carrot and so on
  5. Plates/spoon/fork
  6. Disposable plates and fork too for take away.

6. Graphic Design

Graphics design is needed by any kind of business or organization. It is needed for website, flyers, billboard, promotions, program and so on. As a student, you can learn this skill and make money from designs while in school.

You can also enroll online on websites like fiverr and get paid by clients in need of your service. For starters on fiverr, the minimum amount is $5.

You can also apply for a job where you will design various business cards and brochures. All that it takes is some graphics skills and a passion for designing.

7. Recharge Card Business

This can be very lucrative as we all know everybody recharges their phone once or more in a week. it does not require much effort to start.

People usually start with printing out the cards, or purchasing the units of cards in bulks and then selling them at the higher price.

8. Hairdressing Business


As a student with hair making skills, you can earn money by making hair for fellow students and others. Women need hair dressing service and pay well for such services. Imagine when you can plait (weave) a hair for ₦ 400 or more. Trust you can share the cost in the comment section.

You can promote your work on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, which will give you more clients. Post the best examples of your work, and you are guaranteed to gain people’s interest in your skills.

9. Blogging

Blogging can be lucrative but it comes with it’s hassle. Everyone wants to be a blogger, but not everyone can actually be a good blogger. Blogging is an art and also a science. To blog has a lot of things to consider. There are ways to be a successful blogger and rake in money daily.

It is completely free to start a blog on platforms like WordPress or Blogspot. You will learn some pitfalls of blogging business before starting to earn money. You need to be creative and understand what niche and audience you writing for.

You can get paid through Google ads, Bing or other forms of referral links you may share on your blog and when people click or visit, you get some commission payment.

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10. Cleaning service

Cleaning can range from cleaning of offices, new house and others. You can make money from this business during your spare time.

The beauty of this business is you do not need money to start the business because when people hire you for this job, they will give you a deposit fee and you use these funds to buy the materials that you need for carrying out the work.

11. Printing and Photocopying business

This one business that is so lucrative in any higher institution as the demand for printouts, photocopy and other are on the high everyday. Students must make a copy or the other.

I remember a friend during the university days, we were in same department then, by the time we got to final year, he bought a car. All from the printing and photocopying business he started when we were in 200level.

A laserjet printer can go for ₦ 43,000 and with this you can make photocopy at ₦ 20/paper. Colored printout at ₦ 100/page or more. Imagine how much you can make from this business. All you require is to get the starting capital and with time people know you offer such services, you start making money.

My friend didn’t have a shop, he used his house. Go to all the class rep and negotiate deals with them. they give him all the papers/handout and he does photocopies and with time, he was popular. Just be proactive, that’s all you need to start making money as a student from photocopy business.

12. Sales Of Clothes

This is one business that really helped me big time in school. When i go to Lagos and buy clothes, i go to school and sell. I made cool cash as students saw my clothes cheaper than going to boutique and i was making my profit because i knew where to buy cheaper and cool quality materials that students especially ladies would love.

13. Sale of Footwears

Everyone needs a footwear. you can get sandals, shoes and other trendy footwear that are cool and relatively cheap from market like Lagos, Onitsha and Aba to mention but a few hotspots of getting these cheaper and easily.

Add your logistic cost and other expense onthe shoes and sell. You will be amazed at how you will get more money from sale of the foot-wears. Just get bthe different sizes especially the ones in high demand.

14. Event planning

This is for those with great organizational skills, flexibility and active personality. Usually, the majority of events fall on weekdays. Understand that there is always an event every weekend in Nigeria. Leverage on this and spread your tentacles. Post on social media to promote your service.

So it does not really affect your study time and with good taste for designs and color, you can differentiate your service with style and when you can blow the minds of guest at an event, be sure you are on your way to success as more people will need your service.

15. Chin-Chin Production and Sale

A lot of people love to eat snacks when they are in class or waiting for lectures. Some might leave the house early and the only alternative will be to eat something like chin-chin.

This can be started with small capital. Just be different in your chin-chin production. Spice it and get the delight of your customers, then you are sure to make money daily from sale of chin-chin.

16. Tailoring

The need for tailors/fashion designer can not be overemphasized as people need to wear clothes. Most people love to wear native attire especially during the weekends.

As a student with fashion designing/tailoring skill, you can make money by sewing clothes for people. When people know that you sew lovely styles and good with what you do, you can be sure that they will bring you more customers and as such more money.

17. Bead making

Wondering what a bead is? A bead is a small, decorative object that is formed in a variety of shapes and sizes of a material  wearable.


If you can make wonders out of beads, you can earn money from it.

If you can make great jewelry out of beads, you can try improving your skills and designs.You will earn money from accepting orders and commissions.

18. Cake Making & Pastries

This one business that thrives in Nigeria. Do you know that thousands of people need cakes for various events every day?

If you are a student with cake baking skills, then this is your chance to convert that skill to money. Once you develop your baking skills and start producing really beautiful and delicious cakes, the clients and money will be guaranteed to you.

Post your cakes and pastries photos on social media so more people know what you do. As a student, spread the word of your business among your fellow students and with time someone will want a cake from you.

19. Liquid Soap Making

Soap is an essential commodity that is needed by almost everyone. If you are a student and can make liquid soap for washing. Just distinguish your with the right fragrance and ensures it lathers well. You can be sure to make money always as a student.

20. Catering business

As a student that wish to make money in school, you can a team that provides the cooking for some big occasions and events. It can be good for someone with passion for cooking.


See other methods of making money through business ventures you can dive into as a student in Nigeria. Also some of these methods is not limited to anyone who can apply them. it has proven ways and tested by most people with testimonies.

kindly follow us and get informed on new ways of making money in Nigeria without hassles.