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35 Top Business Ideas In Nigeria For Students 2

In the first part of this article, you were shown 20 businesses you can do as a student (university, polytechnic or college of education) in Nigeria.

this particular post will show you other business ideas you can implement and be making money while studying.

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list of business ideas for nigerian students

List of business ideas in Nigeria for Students

21. Skin naturals production

This are skin products which are made out of natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and others. Most people that are have turned to natural product because it makes their skin smooth and beautiful.

Currently, natural skin products are in high demand, and as such i recommend you as a student to try this business out. You might want to get trained on how to produce these products, and then you will be ready to start marketing them for money.

22. Photography

Photography made this list because of it’s demand. There are numerous people who want to snap photographs. With events being held basically every weekend, you can be sure to get clients who need your photography service.

The basic requirement for becoming a photographer is a good professional camera and a great eye for capturing the most interesting moments. If your photos are really good, then you have a large chance to be noticed by potential clients who would offer money for your services. This is how the beginning photographers become famous and influential.

As a student, if you have lovely photographs, you can post them on stock websites to make money off them. Photographer’s job is a great way to earning some money without disturbing your studies.

23. Prodcution and Sale of Snacks

This is a lucrative business since almost everybody eats snacks on daily basis. Just get the right material and make them good. then you may supply to stores/shops and make money from snacks production.

24. Ushering

This involves locating organizers and offring them your service. Most of this people pay well. Amazingly, they pay per stipulated time.

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25. Freelance Writing

You can write for blogs and web designers who need certain content. just be creative and know the act of content marketing. You will get paid for your writing services.

26. Barbing


Do you know that most guys barb weekly and some twice a week maximum a month. As a student, you may use your lodge or house for the place. What you need for startup is a clipper(comes with some accessories), Apron, powder, comb, brush, power source and seat.

27. Cyber cafe

This is capital intensive though as you need a space, laptops(computers), internet, table and seats. You need some other gadgets but this is listed here if you have the capital to set up. Be sure to make the money as a lot of students prefer to visit cyber cafe for registration, learning and research purposes.

28. graphics/Web Designing

With design skills in graphics and website, you can create beautiful designs and also make wonderful websites that are appealing to users. you can make logos, complimentary cards, letter head, birthday cards and so on. From designing, you make more money.

29. hostel Agents

Do you know you can make money from being a hostel agent? How you mean? Every year there is admission of new students and these students need accommodation.

This is where the business part comes in, mingle with the new students and help them get accommodation at a cost you will bill them. they will pay as they do not know the ground like and they are in need of accommodation.

30. Project Writing & Proof Reading

Project writing requires you to do a lot of research. Some lazy students who do not like to research will love to contract this to someone. you can leverage on this demand and make money from other students.

It can be strenuous but pays well for your time and resources used.

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31. Sales of TextBook/Handouts

You can make money by selling some of your written materials or books used to new students or those in lower classes.

32. Sale Of Sanitary Pads

Wondering why this business is listed here? Understand there is a ready market. Ladies use pads during their monthly flow and as a result the demand is high and always. Leverage on this by selling sanitary pads in school.

You can move from hostel to hostel, lodge to lodge letting all the ladies know that you sell sanitary pads. you can let them know that you offer home delivery services too. This will help make your products move faster.

33. Laundry Services

This is another business opportunity for any student who has the energy to wash and iron other people clothes. Now you can get a washing machine for as low as ₦ 20,000 without a spinner. You can start advertising your laundry business to other students and be sure that you will make money on daily and weekly basis as a lot of students are in need of laundry service.

34. Phone/Laptop Repair

If you have skills in repairing laptops or phones, be sure that you will be making money from such business as a lot of students/ people need phone or laptop repair services.

All you need is to et your tools like screwdriver set. be sure that you know what you doping, get a space and tell your friends and fellow students about it. The rest will be done through word of mouth. When you repair their phones and laptop, they will tell others about it.

35. Offer Solutions To Problems In your Environ

Look for new ways of solving a problem within your environment. You can earn from such value you offer. There are other means you cam try like sport training, gym, exercise instructor, swimming coach, organizing trips for people, canteen and so on. You just need to know which one works for you


We can conclude here that the methods highlighted are most effective, easy to start and execute with little or no capital. You simply need to know your strength and weakness before diving in into any business. You can check out the part 1 of this post on top business ideas you can make money from as an individual or a student.

Above all, start small and grow your business. Remeber to spread the word about your product/services. You can leave a cooment or add to this post so we can update it. kindly share to help someone in need of money.