How To Check Your Current Tariff Plan On Glo, 9mobile, Airtel, Mtn Networks


Do you know that most people don%an or bundle, i was once a victim too. All i mostly do is recharge my lines and start making calls or subscribe for data. Well, this article is to enlighten you just as i learnt want to share with you how to check your tariff plan, the most affordable tariff bundles for all networks and the code to migrate to each one.

Tariff plans are as follows for each network



MTN TruTalk– Call rate of 11kobo/second to any network

– It has a condition of daily access fee of #5 which is deducted after you make the first call for the day

Migration code:  dial *123*20# or text “TP” to 131.


MTN BetaTalk – You get up to 250% bonus airtime on every recharge.


–10MB of data every week.

– Call rate of 42kobo/second

To migrate dial *123*2*6# or text “BT” to 131.


MTN Xtrapro – call rate of 11kobo/second or 6.60kobo/second to all networks.


– International call rates to selected countries at 15kobo/second

– To migrate, dial *408# then choose “1” or text “408” to 131.


MTN Supersaver Plus – The call rates at 15kobo/second to all networks after the first call of the day has been charged at 40kobo/second.


– free happy hour calls to MTN numbers from 12.30-4.30am daily (night calls)

– The condition is that you must have a minimum of #100 in your airtime balance before you can enjoy the free happy hour calls

To migrate, text “408” to 131 or dial *408*1#.


MTN Pulse – call rate at 40kobo/second for the first minute of the day while subsequent calls will be charged at 11kobo/second


-Data bonus on every first recharge of the week and valid for 7days. 10MB for #100,20MB for #200,50MB for #500.

Text 406 to 131 or dial *406*1# and migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan




Smart connect – This gives 200% bonus on all recharges of at least #200


-15MB data every week.

– #300 recharge bonus for family and friends.

– 7hours of night call between 11pm-6am at 11kobo/second.


SmartCONNECT 2.0 is a Prepaid Plan

  • It is available to new customers on the Airtel network
  • Customers lose their bonus once they migrate out of smartCONNECT 2.0 plan
  • Customers on this plan are not allowed to purchase Talkmore bundle using the *234# code or Premier Connect bundle using *254# code.
  • Customers can however continue to enjoy Talkmore bundles using the *126*1*PIN# recharge option.

Recharge of #100 gives you bonus of #600 airtime. Cool right


SmartPremier -Call rate are at 11kobo/second to all networks


– International calls to selected countries at 40kobo/second

To migrate dial *318#.


SmartValue – Call rate at 15kobo/second to all networks.


– No daily access fee.

To migrate, dial *314#.


SmartTrybe – Call rates are at 11kobo/second to all networks


– No daily access fee

-1GB data for #500 valid for 7days

To migrate dial *312#.


SmartTalk – Call rates are at 11kob/second to all networks

– International calls to selected countries at 20kobo/second

To migrate, dial *315#.




Globounce– Call rate at 15kobo/second to all local networks

To migrate,dial *170*4#

Globumpa– 200% bonus on every recharge

To migrate, dial *100*10*1#

GloInfinito – call rate at 22kobo/second to all networks

– call friends and family at 11 kobo/second

To migrate, dial *100*7*1#

Globam – call rate at 11kobo/second

– Provide 5 special numbers you can call for free

To migrate, dial *100*5*1#

Glo Tariff Plans 2018 and Migration Codes




9mobile moretalk –  The Call rate here is at 40 kobo/ second to all networks but drops to 25kobo/second when you use more than #25daily

To migrate, dial *244*2#

9mobile morecliq – Free midnight calls to 9mobile numbers from 12.30 – 4.30am.

– Call rate of 30kobo/second to all networks

To migrate, dial *244*1#

9mobile moredata – This offers Data bonus of 10mb on every recharge you make and call rates are at 15kobo/second to all networks.

To migrate,dial *244*3#


How To Check Your Tariff Plans For All Networks In Nigeria

MtnDial *123*1*2#
AirtelDial *121*5*2#
GloDial *100#
9mobileDial *200*1*6#


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