9Mobile Cheapest Tariff Plans and Migration Codes Latest


9mobile has cool tariff plans that is favorably competitive with other networks service providers like MTN, GLO, Airtel and this is to help users of 9mobile know which tariff plan to use. To know your current tariff plan on 9mobile, simply dial *200*1*6# to check.

Let’s have a look at the list of cheapest and best Tariff Plans on the 9mobile network to make Calls for 2018 and in the nearest future.

Latest Etisalat (9mobile) Data Plan Bundles and Subscription codes

9Mobile is one of the network service providers that came to Nigeria and made the network service provision of added value. Latest Etisalat (9mobile) Data Plan Bundles and Subscription codes is for you to know which data bundle, prices and codes to subscribe to them easily.
In this post, you will know best and latest data bundles plans by 9mobile and know how beneficial they may be to you.

FREE MTN 1GB Data and 500MB for one Week


MTN has loads of freebies that people do not know about except you are informed. Some days ago i posted on the Facebook page about the free call code to make calls to all local networks in the country and few people benefited and some doubters missed out.

You can enjoy MTN free 1GB of data from MTN and 500MB worth of data when you certain codes i will reveal below and do the following. It was noticed that the package is selective of users.

How To Get MTN 1GB For 200 Naira


MTN network has now made it available for it’s users to access cheapest and suitable data bundle packages which can be used for downloads, live streaming of matches, music videos and audios and so on at a cheaper rate. The data bundle is for both Android Smartphones, Blackberry Smartphones, iPad, iPhones, Windows, PC system as well as other bigger handheld devices.

MTN Tariff Plans, The Cheapest And Best Plans Today


The first thing lovable about MTN is that they have a wider area of coverage which has given them an edge. When people make choice of network provider to select, they include the tariff plans in their consideration. This post will aid you in terms of tariff plans and how beneficial they are in their different categories.

Glo Night Plan Subscription & Price


Glo Night Browsing Plan is a plan for night browsing which is usually at a lower cost. It is now a fact that Glo has the largest number of internet subscribers in Nigeria according to statistics released by the National Communication Commissions (NCC). No other telecommunications networks in Nigeria offers data like Glo, as they offer the cheapest data bundles in Nigeria and this is why they got dozens of us bloggers using them.

Glo Tariff Plans 2018 and Migration Codes


Here is the best of Glo tariff plans /call rates calculations and their migration codes for 2018. They are the cheapest and best glo call plans money can buy. Among them are glo bounce, glo bumpa, glo jollific8, glo infinito and glo 11 kb/s prepaid plan.

How To Check Your Current Tariff Plan On Glo, 9mobile, Airtel, Mtn Networks


Do you know that most people don’t know how to check their tariff plan or bundle, i was once a victim too. All i mostly do is recharge my lines and start making calls or subscribe for data. Well, this article is to enlighten you just as i learnt want to share with you how to check your tariff plan, the most affordable tariff bundles for all networks and the code to migrate to each one.

Tariff plans are as follows for each network



The thing about a night plan is that it is faster than during the day and the rates are far more cheaper at a higher data volume. I have written about the glo night plan but now i want to share with you Airtel night plan as this is undoubtedly the cheapest night plans you can subscribe to. If you Compare it to what other network providers are offering its users, this plan is awesome.

Cheapest MTN Data Plans (Bundles) in Nigeria


One of the basic needs of the information population now is data. Yes, data has been noted to be a fundamental need of almost everyone in our society today. This is as a result of the need for data for research, social media interaction, studies and so on.

Today you will see from this article, the cheapest MTN Data bundle that can sustain you any day anytime.

How to Get Airtel 4.6GB for 200 Naira


One fantastic thing about Airtel in recent days now is competing with their own record. They really want to rival other networks like glo, Mtn and 9mobile. This is super cool for us internet users.

Airtel 4.6GB for 200 Naira was recently launched by Airtel for its customers but the thing is that it selects SIM card. The whole process and rudiments i have outlined here for ease.