2019 is a new year in which anyone has never passed through. It’s a new year filled with opportunities and benefits. You’re bound to achieve a lot of goals in the new year to come if you’re armed with pieces of potent information. 
Enough of all these sermons right???  Now let’s move to the business of today which is SITES TO INCREASE YOUR ONLINE INCOME 


affiliate marketing is a kind of Internet business which is best for people who are good at coying and cajoling people to buy goods and services. Affiliate marketing gives some percentage as a Cashback to the affiliate marketer(s) as a reward for bringing customers or client. Examples of websites that offers affiliate marketing is Africa Topup, Jumia, Apple Affiliate, Clixsense, wowapp amongst others. Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to increase your Internet income in the coming year

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2) Surveys:

completing surveys online is one of the ways to make money online, though most surveys pay you as low as 30 cents per survey but if you’re persistent enough you might get a lot of money depending on how honest you are with the questions. Some survey websites are pollfish survey, Surveysavvy, survey monkey, afrisight, surveyeah e.t.c


the next on my list is freelancing. Freelancing can earn you a whole lot of money, no matter your location. Freelancing involves doing what you know how to do best in exchange for money either you’re an artist, graphics designer, Web designer, translator, writer, blogger, photographer, singer, video maker, Journalist, blogger or virtual assistant, freelancing should be your point of focus. Some sites that offers freelancing and pay high and on time include, Fiverr, Upwork, People per Hour etc sooner or later I might write Reviews on those websites

4) Microtasks :

Microtasks includes doing small tasks that will earn you small amount, persistence might make the earnings Increase rapidly. Micro tasks includes watching sponsored Videos, Signing up for websites, shopping online and Chatting. You might be surprised about how this is possible there are two major sites that will pay you for all those micro tasks. They are Microworkers and wowapp. Those two pays slowly but surely

5)Nigerian Blogs Affiliate:

Being a Nigerian blog affiliate can earn you some cash if you know how to differentiate between the legit ones and scams. Sites like Wakanda, Nnu, Cashkashing, Newspay, Blog9ja, 9jacnn are 70% real, so deal with those sites at your own risks
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