How to recover Lost Phone with Find My Device: Phone tracking

The reason for find my device was to help users who lost their phone or whose phone’s are stolen. We have heard things like anti-theft and the security lock screen on phones when you violate certain things on your smartphone. All this is to help reduce the rate of phone theft for users of such devices.


What is known today as the Find My Device was previously known as Android Device Manager.  The major function of the Find My Device initiative is to help you to remotely track, lock, and erase the data on a lost or stolen phone. Another amazing feature introduced on this is that you can also see the battery life remaining on your phone and the Wi-Fi network it is connected to. Isn’t it cool, but that’s not the point, the major thing is to track, lock and erase anything on the lost or stolen phone.


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Google added the Find My Device play store since the smartphone revolution and rebranding. It is now a part of Google Play Protect, a suite of services designed to protect your phone from malicious content. Do you know that Google verify’s apps installed on phones, there by getting certain information about such devices through apps installed.

Google added the Find My Device play store since the smartphone revolution and rebranding. It is now a part of Google Play Protect, a suite of services designed to protect your phone from malicious content. Click To Tweet

Note that there are numerous apps on tracking a lost or stolen phone in Google app store but the authentic app is the one by Google and which i have used couple of times for some folks who consulted me.

Some question has been aroused by people due to theft or loss of phones. A major reason i had to blog this was as a result of recent cases that happened in my neighborhood. Phones been taken from even places of worship, it is alarming and devastating. Below i will share with you things you need to know from the use of Find My Device and how best you can go about it.

Can Find My Device be Installed on phones?

Yes! with conditions though. If you use android version below 4.0 then you may not enjoy this wonderful application. So if you are using android running on versions less that 4.0, it may not work for you, Else if you do, then i say congrats as you can make use of Find My Device. Just head straight to play store and install it.

How can i install Find My Device?

If you are a smartphone user i trust you know how to install apps from your play store. Nonetheless, go to the Play Store and search for Find My Device, the moment you see it, click install app.


Signing in to Find My Device

Once installation is completed, Open the app  to sign in to the Find My Device with your Google account. If you’re signed into more than one account on your phone, you get a drop-down menu from which you can select the account you want to associate with the phone. You will get the following dialogues:

Open Find Device from your home screen.

  1. Select the Google account you want to use the service with if you have more than one google account on the phone. If you are a guest, like you have no Google account you can select such option as shown below.
  2. Click button as appropriate to you : you or guest .
  3. Enter your Google account password.
  4. Tap Sign in.
  5. Give location access to the service.

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find my device login

The moment you do this, it will automatically lock the device if you chose the option to lock the device, There are few things observed during this process

  • it may ask you to call the owner
  • to enter the password that was used to lock the device on the Find My Device
  • It can perform any instruction you ask it to from the device used to control the lost or stolen phone.


How do i know if my phone can be discovered by Find My Device?

The beauty of this is that the moment you are logged in into Find My Device, you’ll see a map with your current location as well as your phone make and model. You will get two options which are to either Play Sound or Enable Lock & Erase. If you click the Enable Lock & Erase, it will allow you to start using the Lock and Erase functions.

The beauty of this is that If you’ve signed into more than one phone, you can select a particular device by browsing the list at the top of the screen. What an amazing feature, i and my assistant trying it before this post found it wonderful even the user of the phone we used for tracking as dazzled by this tech.

  1. On your home screen or app drawer, Click Find My Device.
  2. Select your phone from the list of devices at the top of the screen.
  3. Check if the device is discoverable.

One thing you must note is that if the location on your phone is  not turned on, you may not be available for tracking.  Find My Device relies on Global Positioning System to track any phone. To turn on your GPS.

Open Settings from your home screen  or from the top settings

Tap Location.

Toggle Enable location services.

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How do i locate my phone over the internet?

use find my device

There is an alternative to using the app and that is through the If you’ve lost your phone, you can remotely locate it through the Find My Device website. This will certainly require you to sign in to the Google account that was used to set up Find My Device. This may take a while like few seconds, but the service should be able to track your phone.

A third option is to do a Google search for “find my phone” to locate your handset.

  1. Navigate to the Find My Device website.
  2. Sign in to your Google account.
  3. Check if your device is visible.

Seeing the Location on the Find My Device

The moment you navigate to the site through Google find my device website, you get the option to accept and continue. 

location finder-find-device

This will show you location map on your pc and you can narrow camera into the map to get more detailed location.

Can i ring my phone with Find My Device?

play sound-find-my-device

Yes you can. Amazingly Find My Device is easily accessible and when you need to locate your phone, go to the website or log in to the service from another phone if you are using the app. We logged in to Find My Device, searched and  located the device, next we used the Play Sound option, which plays a loud tone on your phone continuously at full volume for five minutes even if you turned the ringer off. Once you find your phone, you can hit the power button to stop the ringing.

  1. Locate your phone on Find My Device.
  2. Tap Play Sound on the right hand side of your pc.
  3. Your device will start ringing. You can hit the power button to stop the sound.

try to ring phone

Note to call your phone too, the option is there on the menu list to do so.

lock your phone



Can i lock my phone with Find My Device?

There’s also a Lock option that lets you set a new password to unlock the phone. Just navigate to the  lock screen option and click the button to call back your number so that anyone that comes across your phone can easily get in touch with you.

Find your phone on Find My Device. Click the Lock phone option. Enter a message and phone number to display on the lock screen and tap Lock. Click To Tweet


How to remotely erase your lost phone’s data?

This option comes last in your call-to-action for getting your phone by tracking using Find My Device. For you to Select the Erase option, means you are deleting all the data on your phone. Do you know that you can also delete data from SD card on the associated device.

Another feature here is that even if the phone is switched off, once the Erase command is sent, the factory reset process will be initiated as soon as it goes online.


Summary of it all

To Find, lock, or erase a lost Android device, Such a device must be:
turned on, signed to a Google Account & connected online either through mobile data or WI-FI
Location & Find My Device turned on.

Additional summary or concise support from Google platform for Find My Device

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