How to Fix No Sim Card Detected Error On Android Device

You must agree with me that the android Operating System on which your phone runs is the most widely used mobile device.  There are so many problems associated with the use of an android phone and some of them are downloading errors from play store which i experience on one of my smartphone recently, various app stopping unfortunately, storage space error and so on, com.android has stopped working and so on.

Android is a wonderful operating system that affords you the luxury of ease of use and flexible data transfer from device to device. Today i wish to discuss How To Fix No Sim Card Detected Error On Android Device. What prompted me to write this article was my recent experience with my infinix hot 3  which was working fine in the morning and as i was checking my mail that same morning, the phone suddenly showed a loading sign and before i can say cheese, i got an icon on the top right corner of my phone showing “sim slot empty” at first i thought i as day dreaming but it was actually a reality.

At first i took it to my phone engineer after hours with him, he just returned the phone that it won’t work. I explained to him how it had happened and he just demoralized me because for an expert who repairs phones all the time telling me that he could not find the fault shows that ‘water don pass garri’. In my frustration, i took it to a second phone repairer who checked and same thing. Took it to a third but he was the one that tried and gave me a clue that properly the software reload was not done correctly and of which the phone was recently “hard reset“.

Hence, i took the phone with dejection and disappointment and as i was going then an idea struck my mind because i know a lot about phones on how to fix some technical issues though not good with hardware issues of phones. What i did that made the sim slot empty to be corrected will amaze you. This is what my engineers couldn’t fix. So I thought i can share with to whom it may concern share with you so you may use it if you are faced by such an issue.

The causes of this error, could be that your sim card might have jiggle somehow. you can try taking it out and putting it back inside your phone, but sometimes it doesn’t resolve the problem. Here are the methods to try or things to check first.

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Check SIM Slot on the Phone if Phone Says ‘No Sim Card’

The first thing i did was to check if i have inserted the SIM card improperly which is why my phone cannot recognize the SIM card. On the other hand, the SIM card may be loosely inserted which can cause the smartphone not to read it properly. Here’s what to do if that’s the case:

Step 1. I turned off the phone and remove the back cover.


Step 2. Removed the battery and remove the SIM card from the SIM card slot.

Step 3. Clean the SIM card with a clean piece of cloth or tissue paper to remove any kind of dirt or dust from it.

Step 4. Re-inserted the SIM card and reboot the phone.

Once the phone restarts, it is ideal to allow it a few minute to rest. The network and cell service should be back on so i though because this method can help fix this kind of issues atimes. This issue continued after the first method then i tried this method below.

Wipe Android Cache and Data or Factory Reset

After the first method failed, i remembered that wiping cache and data from smartphone helps to resolve many system related problems and this was or can be a software case for the sim as working earlier before it suddenly went to SIM card not detected.

At this moment i  dialed some codes to check if i can communicate with the phone in terms of IMEI and the system information codes. It was the dialing of this codes that gave me a clue that the OS has been corrupted and that suggested that the former factory reset or formatting as it is called here as not properly done. to get the IMEI number, i dialed *#06# and i got a message


It was this response that made me know that it was corrupted and gave me a head start on what to do.

Another code to try is *#*#4636#*#* but this is is deep so i won’t advice it.

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Hence, i just performed a system reset or put simply as a phone formatting by some folks. So the process of the recovery method is shown below.

Step 1. I first of all turned off my smartphone and let it rest for few minutes.


Step 2. Next was to turn on the phone by pressing and holding Power and Volume Down buttons together to enable fast boot menu options. See how to reset some android phones

Step 3. Use the volume up and down buttons to navigate through the options and start the recovery menu.

Step 4. Choose “Wipe cache partition” option and tap on the Power button to select it. In my case i just chose the wipe data/factory reset because i wanted it to look a new. You may choose the “Wipe cache partition” as this will not make you lose some information on your phone but if you perform the former, be sure to backup  or have your data/information on an SD Card so you can recover them back as this method will wipe away everything on the phone and reset it to when you just bought your android phone newly.


The moment you try any of the aforementioned methods, am sure you will have the issue No Sim Card Detected Error On Android Device dealt with. This problem can be very frustrating and you can save yourself the drama by applying the methods of this post. After tried all the solution above and your phone still does not read your SIM card, then you may need to visit your designated smartphone office or repair shop. If the phone is still having a warranty, visit the store you bought it.

Hope you found this article useful. In case you face any difficulties, feel free to leave your comment, or chat me up as i would be happy to help.

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